Freelance management
— with a twist

Centralise your operations! Our Freelance Management System (FMS) combines powerful, intuitive technology with a human touch. Our platform enables your team to manage their projects as well as the people we outsource them to.
  • All-in-one FMS
  • Easy-to-use
  • Dedicated support
Blackbear is supported by an all-in-one freelance management system


We make freelance management hassle-free

The value we provide doesn’t derive from our FMS alone — it lies in the combination of dedicated, human support services with top-notch technologies.
Our project management team works hand-in-hand with your team to help them solve their problems and increase their project completion rates — with results to be proud of.


What is a freelance management
system (FMS)?

It’s a digital platform used to manage freelancers and human resources that fall outside your workforce and are not directly employed.

It’s usually cloud-based and aims to solve everything from talent sourcing to project management, invoicing, payments and tax declarations.

It’s a solution often used by human resources, marketing and finance teams to effectively manage people and projects outside of the organisation.

A freelance management system is a platform where you manage all your outsourced operations in one palce
A blackbear user working on the freelance management system


Everything you need to make outsourcing truly hassle-free

Talent sourcing
Direct access to a community of highly-skilled professionals, ready
to lend their skills to help you with work of any scope.
Team management
Empower your team by giving them user seats and allowing them
to own and run assignments.
Project management

End-to-end project management with a detailed overview of what your external resources are working on and how they are progressing.

Reporting & insights
Overview of assignments, budget, spending and deliverables.
Everything you need to keep track of your operations.
Admin & legal
We host all your admin and legal documentation in one place, readily
available to pass on to external resources.
Payments & budget governance
We manage your payments in the system — all you have to do is set and
approve budgets for assignments. Leave the rest to us.
Freelancer rating

Rate the deliverables, outcomes and experience to release payments
to solvers.


The benefits of using a Freelance Management System?

Centralised operations

All your operations and resources on a single platform, with dedicated support.

Streamlined admin

You send a single invoice to finance, our team and platform takes care of everything else.

Project management

All your external work in one place. Easy to keep track of, simple to manage.

Seamless communication

Communicate directly with your external resources through the platform.


We make sure you get the most out of our platform

Our cloud-based freelance management platform sits at the core of our operations, but it is our service level that keeps our customers coming back for more.

Learn more about how we operate and how we can unburden your team.

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