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Not your typical freelance marketplace

Blackbear is a digital, plug-and-play solution. We enable managers and companies to easily find and work with flexible resources to support their teams with work they lack time or skills for. Watch the video to learn more about how we can help you.

Our Capabilities

We help you with work of any scope, across all departments

All the skills you will ever need, in one place. An extra pair of hands for any task or project your team does not have the time, skills, or resources for, across any of the following domains — outsourcing, but without the hassle. 

Design & Creative

Content & Translations

HR & Training

Admin, Finance & Legal

Sales & Marketing

IT & Development


Our Solutions

A solution for every challenge you face


Blackbear helps you work through your backlog — we take care of once-off or recurring tasks that your team currently does not have the time, skills or resources for. Do you need a new logo, want to translate a text, or write a monthly newsletter? We treat each task as a single assignment with a set budget and source an expert with the right skills for the job!

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We’re ready to help you and your team with large, complex projects with multiple milestones and deliverables — once-off or recurring. Are you planning a rebranding, want to launch a new website or publish a new feature every quarter? Give it to blackbear! Our team will work closely with you to understand your project needs, source the most suitable solvers from our network and ensure you receive best-in-class results.

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Temporary Roles

The blackbear ecosystem is equipped to take entire roles off your plate long-term. We can help your team with administrative work, run your social media or community management, or manage marketing and sales operations. We provide that extra pair of hands on deck for a few hours per week – all managed on your behalf via your personal blackbear contact. 

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outcome-based payments

Only pay for what you get — superior results

Your budget
Solver pay-out

“You won’t waste any of your budget here, that’s a promise!” — Team blackbear
No uncertainty when outsourcing a project or making blind payments to freelancers for services you can’t bank on or use.

A hub of expertise

Handpicked experts await your work

Blackbear isn’t your run-of-the-mill freelance marketplace offering questionable solutions. We select your ideal candidate from a community of handpicked working professionals who deliver results you are proud to show off.



For smaller, less complex and repetitive assignments that need quick delivery.


Experienced Professionals

For assignments and projects that require significant working experience to execute.



For complex projects that have bigger scopes, strategic importance and require extensive insight and experience.

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The partner that helps you get the work done

Backlog Analysis & Planning

We collaborate with your team to understand their needs and identify the work we can take off their hands.

Talent Sourcing & Management

We find you the best person for the job so you don’t have to filter through hundreds of freelancer profiles.


We take care of the heavy lifting and all the details you don’t have time for. We write the contracts and agreements and keep your mind off regulatory troubles.

Dedicated Customer Support

A dedicated blackbear employee, by your side at any point throughout the process. We make sure we never run behind schedule and facilitate escalation if necessary.


Hassle-free from start to finish: we make sure you receive best-in-class results for any type of work and take care of the payment. 


A wide variety of capabilities under one roof

We can help you and your team get work done across a wide range of business categories. We always find you the perfect skills for each assignment or project at hand.

Learn about BlackBears range of outsourcing assignments on your mobile.


We let our customers do the talking


Let us take care of the work you don’t get to

Lack of skills & expertise

Without specific knowledge or skills, teams won’t be able to execute tasks effectively.

Insufficient resources & capacity

Work can’t be done due to time constraints, putting a squeeze on your operations.


Poorly delegated professionals

Key players in your team are demotivated or distracted with tasks outside their scope.

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Talk to one of our experts to find out how you can start supporting your team through strategic outsourcing today!

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