Turn your skills into a secondary income

Looking to earn an additional income? Want to accelerate your career? Join our community of skilled professionals lending their skills to some of the biggest brands in the world, helping them with work of any scope.

  • Outcome-based payments
  • Great career experience
  • Free forever

Work with top companies

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We help companies outsource work to people like you!

It’s no secret that there is a major shortage of skills and talent in the current labour market. Because of this, there is a growing need for companies to outsource work that they cannot perform with their existing team. We help them organise and manage these tasks, connect them to a community of Solvers and then manage the projects on their behalf.

forget about billing by the hour

Get paid for what you deliver

Your budget
Solver pay-out

You don’t work by the hour, you’re working to deliver results.
Clients rate the quality of your deliverables, putting you in full control of your hours spent and income.

Good to know: The average rating is 4.8 stars


Supercharge your career

Additional Income

Picking up extra work here and there is a nice way to give your savings a push in the right direction with a few thousand.

Career Experience

Project work looks great on your CV and will surely help you excel at your career. And who knows, you might even land your dream job.

Flexibility & Control

Work from anywhere and do it on your own time while having full control of your earnings with the results-based payment structure.

Support & Assistance

Forget about admin and paperwork. Our platform takes care of most of it and our team will guide you every step of the way.

Your home base

Easy-to-use platform

A glance at Blackbear's freelance management system
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Assignments have
seven steps

Find your assignment

Take a look at the assignment dashboard and pick an assignment that suits your skills and interests.

Send your proposal

Explain why this assignment is suiting you perfectly, support it with a strong application and get selected.

Alignment meeting

You’ll meet your client remotely for the first time. They tell you everything you need to know, set their expectations and clarify anything that is unclear.

Draft meeting

In your second remote meeting with your client you discuss your progress and decide on how to progress.

Final meeting

You meet the client remotely for the last time to get feedback, finalise your deliverable(s) and complete the assignment.

Evaluation and rating

Your client will review the quality of your work and accordingly gives a rating. You’ll also review and rate your collaboration.


If everything went well and your rating has been provided, you’ll receive your payment within a few working days after the day of the rating.


You can apply your skills across any of the following domains

Sales & Marketing

Design & Creative

Content & Translations

IT & Development

HR & Training

Admin, Finance & Legal


Our community manager answers questions from Solvers

What types of assignments and projects can you work on with blackbaer

Looking for examples?

See what types of assignments
you can work on

You will not only find the typical logo design and translation stuff here that fills traditional freelance marketplaces. We are sure something will spark your interest. Have a look around.

Any Questions?

FAQ and contact

Do I have any obligations when I'll be using blackbear?

Our platform is open-ended. You can start and end your account whenever you like. We do not require Solvers to do an assignment within a certain time frame. Is there not a suitable assignment for you? Get in touch with us

Do I only get paid if I get a 5-star rating?

After handing in your deliverable, it will be evaluated by the assignment owner. As a solver, you will be paid based on your output. The submitted deliverable will be rated based on a 5-star rating. If you receive all 5 stars as a rating you will receive 100% of the amount to be earned. If you receive 4.5 stars as a rating you will receive 90% of the amount to be earned and so on.

Can I use blackbear everywhere in the world?

blackbear is expanding significantly. We are operating in a large number of countries and can be used there in the way we are supposed to. If you have trouble creating an account, please let us know so we can work on it.

How do I get selected for an assignment?

Once your profile is verified you can start looking for a suitable assignment. When you have found the one you can start with writing your first proposal. 

In your proposal you should answer the following questions:

Why are you the most suitable Solver to participate in this assignment?

What are your first ideas regarding this assignment?

After sending your proposal, your profile and proposal will be reviewed to be selected.

When do I have to upload my deliverable(s)?

When you are chosen to solve an assignment you have 12 days to upload your deliverable(s). If your deliverable(s) needs to be uploaded earlier or later, it will be specifically mentioned on the assignment page.

How do I get paid after a rating?

Once you have submitted your deliverable(s) and the client gave you a review you will be paid out to your credit card (US only for now) or your bank account automatically. The processing of this payment by your bank can take up to 5 business days.

How does it work with my tax return?

We send all the information regarding Solver earnings to the Dutch Tax Authority (Belastingdienst). The Dutch Tax Authority will share your blackbear earnings with the Tax Authority in your payout country. Important to know is that you don’t have an employer relationship with blackbear. When you live in The Netherlands the money you have earned through blackbear must be declared in your tax return under the heading ‘income from other work’ (inkomsten uit overig werk) in your annual tax return in May. When you live outside The Netherlands you need to include your blackbear earnings in your annual tax return in your payout country. For an overview of your earnings or when you have any questions, you can always reach us at: [email protected].