We connect specific skills to companies and their challenges

blackbear provides companies with hands-on solutions to their problems. No sky-high consultancy costs, but fair and transparent prices, assessed and paid on output.

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I’m a Solver

Focus on activities that make an impact

Swift solutions on your challenges

Business Challenges arise on a daily basis and often remain unresolved due to a lack of knowledge, time, resources or budget. On average, people spend 40% of their time on other people’s tasks.

We connect Solvers and their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to your business challenges, so you can focus on that which makes an impact.

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Solvers with excellent skill sets

The power of 3,700+ bright minds

Challenges often lie outside the scope of daily operations and routine business, leaving challenges unanswered and preventing companies from accelerating.

Instead of hiring just one consultant, you’ll receive hands-on solutions at different levels and from a variety of skills. This way you receive the best solution that meets your specific needs, which you immediately can put into effect.

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Payment based on quality and value

We believe traditionally billing by the hour is outdated. Instead, you pay us one fixed price and pay the Solvers for the quality of the solutions which you review yourself. This way you receive multiple solutions, you save many hours on tasks you no longer have to do, and you keep your money in your pocket.

How it works

4 simple steps

Within 14 days, you’ll receive solutions to your specific challenges.

Select the service that suits you best

Don’t know where to start? No worries, we love to help you out and we design your challenge together.

Invite other colleagues

Use blackbear accompanied by colleagues, at no extra cost.

Tackle unlimited challenges

Receive solutions that we approve off, within 14 days.

Receive unlimited deliverables

Based on your assessment and rating, you pay what you think it is worth.

Fields and specialisms of the Solvers

If you are looking for sunny weather and beaches, we can tell you we don’t have them. But we do
have a broad set of skill areas, areas we have acquired over the last one and a half year.

  • Operations
  • IT & Engineering
  • Marketing & Design
  • Innovation & Sustainability
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Growth
  • Business Development

Simply start with one fixed price

Discover the plans that we offer and see the one that suits your needs. We’d love to help
you discover the suitable plan based on your specific needs.

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