Together, we will change the way the world gets work done 

blackbear outsourcing team sitting around the table working on a project

Working at blackbear 

Building awesome stuff in the world of flexible work 

At blackbear, we get out of bed to create things. We make it possible for organisations and professionals to work together seamlessly in a flexible way, and there are any challenges we need to solve along the way (thank goodness).

We do this with people who want to hit the gas, have ambition and tackle challenges full force. We build with character and work with power.


People who want to change the way the world works (together)

We are obsessed with how the world of work works. It is clear that the market is changing rapidly but opportunities are evolving slowly. There are better ways and we are creating them.

Globally, the labour force is shrinking and “scarcity” is increasing in almost every market. At the same time, we are still leaning on permanent hiring, while the people who are working increasingly want to work flexibly alongside their permanent jobs.

A “scarcity” now exists in many markets while we have never had so many people and knowledge at our disposal. Today we should be able to make flexible work simple, accessible and reliable for every organisation and working professional.

Imagine what happens when people are free to work at companies that need them, in the fields they are good at and without all the hassle that comes with organising this flexibly.

This is what we make possible. Every day, our team builds solutions that make a difference in how the world works together. Efficient, sustainable and with rock-solid results.


Joep and Stefan, founders of blackbear outsourcing outside their office in Amsterdam

your next adventure awaits

We are always looking to grow our team

A typical bear is open, unique, people-oriented, and passionate. We offer companies the digital solution to output-driven outsourcing.

All our bears work with complete passion and dedication towards reaching the same goal: to turn blackbear into the most awesome product in the world. Together we’ll make it happen. By working hard and celebrating our successes we will turn blackbear into the go-to solution for hassle-free outsourcing on a global scale.

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Why blackbear?

We are dedicated to your career and your personal growth

We work hard to go above and beyond our mission, but we don’t forget to celebrate our successes, big and small. In addition to 25 vacation days, travel allowance, pension participation, an annual personal learning budget, healthy lunches, and exciting team activities, we offer you the chance to become part of our young, ambitious and international pack. 

This means working with passion, opportunities for personal growth, and enjoying your time with your fellow bears to the fullest!

The benefits

The things that actually matter

Competitive Salary

Based on your skillset 

We offer industry-standard salaries to ensure you get paid for your skills and experience. 

Career Paths 

Quarterly planning 

Having a solid plan gets you very far. We make sure you’re always working towards a goal. 

Hybrid Working

Work from home or from the office

Need some days at home to focus on getting deep into your work? Be our guest.

Amazing Team Culture

The best vibe in town 

We support and learn from each other, in pursuit of our shared mission. 



What our people say about working at blackbear

Stefan Maritz, head of marketing at blackbear

Stefan Maritz

Young, energetic and ambitous – I am very excited to be a part of a team who is actively working together to change the world, led by founders who actually care about their people.

Head of Marketing


A look around the office

Some photos from around blackbear's Amsterdam office.
Blackbear people team


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