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  • Drive demand and thought leadership with content marketing.
  • Stand out in a crowded market with authentic, human-written content.
  • Provide value to your audience with high-quality content.
  • Scale your content production in an efficient manner.

Content marketing is the real driver of demand generation and your ability to produce a steady flow of high-quality content will determine your success. You can never have too much content and we’re here to make sure you are miles ahead of your competitors.

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Content, Writing & Translations

Top 3 most outsourced in Content, Writing & Translations

1. Blog Writing

2. Case Studies

3. Technical Writing

Content Writing

Articles & Blog Posts
E-book Writing
Website Content
Creative Writing
Press Releases
SEO Writing


Product Descriptions
Sales Copy
Advert Copy
Email Copy
Social Media Copy

Professional & Business Writing

Research & Summaries
Case Studies
Grant Writing
Legal Writing
Technical Writing
White Papers

Editing & Beta Reading

Proofreading & Editing
Beta Reading

Translation & Localisation

Content Translations
Website Translations
Native Blog Writing

UX & Digital Product

UX Writing
Tutorial Writing


Academic Writers
Article Writers
Biography Writers
Blog Writers
Business Plan Writers
Business Writers
Comedy Writers
Content Writers
Copy Editors
Cover Letter Writers

Fashion Writers
Fiction Writers
Legal Writers
Lyrics Writers
Medical Writers
Online Writers
Press Release Writers
Proposal Writers
RFP Writers
Report Writers
Research Paper Writers

Resume Writers
Sales Writers
Scientific Writers
SEO Writers
Speech Writers
Technical Writers
Travel Writers
White Paper Writers
E-book Writers
Essay Writers

Remote, project managed outsourcing from top freelancers.


Ramp up your content production through outsourcing

Web and SEO Content

Your website is the most important sales tool you have — make sure your content is the best it can be and optimised for SEO. Outsource content writing to people who are experts at writing high-impact, converting copy.

Content Strategy

Your content strategy sits at the heart of your demand generation strategy. What is your brand narrative and how is it distributed? Need a content strategy? We’ve got you covered with a team of world-class content writing freelancers.

Creative Copywriting

Stop boring your prospects to death, leave that to the brands who use A.I. to write their copy. Our team of world-class content writing freelancers will craft memorable copy for your website, adverts and marketing campaigns.

Content Translation & Localisation

A marketing leader’s biggest frustration — solved, thanks to our world-class team of content writing freelancers. A single point of contact for all your translation needs. Work with native copywriters to produce high-quality, culture-checked content for each of your target markets.

Long Format & Lead Magnets

Need some whitepapers, reports, or guides but don’t have the resources to produce them? Look no further, we can create a year’s worth in a week.


6 Benefits of Outsourcing Content Writing

Content Quality

Outsourcing content marketing can provide businesses with access to high-quality content from experienced and skilled writers.

Fresh Perspectives

Content writing freelancers bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, helping your business create unique and engaging content.

True Localisation

Work with native writers from all over the world, allowing you to produce content in multiple languages and craft your message for different markets.

Output Quantity

Writing good content demands quite some time. Working with multiple writers allows you to produce more content at a faster pace. 


Working with different expertise can help businesses to target specific audience segments or industries with their content marketing efforts.


Having more authors write about your brand will give your content greater authority online, driving better results on SEO.


What customers say about outsourcing content marketing to blackbear

“It’s a breeze”

I’ve had my fair share of frustrations when it comes to finding reliable and skilled professionals to outsource my content to. It feels like I finally found a solution that exceeded my expectations and made my job so much easier. The quality of the content produced was outstanding. Communication with Eva is a breeze and she is always available to answer my questions. I couldn’t be happier.

Head of Communications

blackbear customer Margot
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