About us

We’re changing the way of working, one step at a time

The world is changing rapidly and the way people are working is changing even faster. Markets have never been so scarce on talent, creating fierce competition while the workforce population is declining globally.

In the meantime hybrid work arrangements do transform businesses with modern solutions that need to be adopted to overcome this scarcity issue.

Nevertheless, it causes great concerns that we’re still used to rely mainly on hiring employees without establishing a flexible workforce around us to outsource non-core services.

“Our marketplace allows people to work on assignments for companies without being their employees.”

Our vision

The declining workforce and extreme scarcity of talent in all markets, disturb market forces harshly. Causing overpaid salaries and continuous stressed markets for employees and employers.

We believe technological advances enable us to work more effectively and efficiently while securing a future proof position.

In other words, paying based on an outcome instead of time and material. Skills and knowledge are not missing, they are everywhere but they need to be connected and utilised in the right manner.

Meaning to relieve businesses of any skill deficit while enabling every human to make an income remotely with their skill sets.

Our marketplace

As blackbear we guarantee Businesses of access to validated skills and we empower people to generate an income remotely without depending on being their employee or any fixed hours they make.

Our marketplace is where everything happens, an open platform that facilitates our clients and users as it needs to be without compromising quality, speed or well being.

Our mission

We strive to be the leading marketplace that is the ‘go-to’ platform to establish a future proof workforce and where people make their remote income while ensuring value for money at all times.

To make this happen, we leverage transparency and fairness with a brutally honest model: our output based payments.

Otherly said, we make skills work everywhere.



Showing our journey so far

The idea was planted in our heads

The first idea developed at Stefan’s mom’s kitchen table, the start of something great and wonderful.

First investment and employee(s)

With an idea on paper, we got our first angel investment in to kick things off for real plus getting our first employees in.

Some pivots and our product-market-fit

We’ve pivoted a couple of times to find our true product-market-fit while growing to 8 FTE and growing 366%.

Steep company growth and expansion

We managed to grow blackbear again by 368% in one year, grew to 25+ employees and a new and really cool office.

VC investment and employee growth

So far we’ve already achieved our total 2021 performance after Q1 and we extended our office for our current 50+ employees plus we’ve got our first VC investment.

Meet our leadership team

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