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The world of work is changing and we’re leading the charge to help companies and professionals change with it.

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Our story

Simplifying how work gets done

Finding the right skills for the job is harder than ever and companies are racing to bridge capacity gaps, but infrastructure and technology often struggle to keep pace — not at blackbear. We’re not just keeping up, we’re leading the charge.

We empower organisations and their teams with a modern solution to simplify how they get work done — flexibly, securely and at a high pace, without compromising quality. A solution that’s tailored to the way the world works today by combining agency-like service with freelancer flexibility.

Hundreds of top brands are already turning to blackbear to augment their workforce through direct access and collaboration with a global community of vetted professionals.

Blackbear was born because our founders were frustrated by how hard it is to find good people who can get work done fast — at blackbear, we’re not just filling gaps, we’re redefining how work gets done.

Trends that inspire us

77% of companies struggle to find the right people

This global workforce challenge is getting bigger by the day.

Extended workforces are here to stay

External talent comprises 49% of the global workforce.

Companies are struggling to keep up

Most companies lack infrastructure to efficiently outsource work.

Our journey


Founded with a vision to change the way the world gets work done

Founded by Joep and Stefan in Amsterdam — both still deeply involved and invested in our success.


Funded to expand our impact and empower teams around the globe

We secured our seed round, expanding our team and operations to accelerate growth and impact.

2021 - 2023

Fine-tuned our platform to simplify how work gets done

We officially launched our platform and tailored it to the needs of the market to provide a solution that truly simplifies how flex-work gets done.


Forward we march, pushing boundaries and breaking down the barriers of work

We continue to build our vision and solution to solve the challenges of the modern world of work.

The future of work is here

Embrace a simplified
way of working

Our leadership team

Stefan Hoogenboom
Stefan Hoogenboom
Co-CEO & Founder
Joep Wittebrood
Joep Wittebrood
Co-CEO & Founder
Sebastiaan Ratha
Sebastiaan Ratha
Head of Operations
Alexandra Chelariu
Alexandra Chelariu
Head of Product
Stefan Maritz
Stefan Maritz
Head of Marketing
Our values

Great things are built on strong foundations

Foster collaboration

Diverse perspectives and expertise thrive together.

Strive for excellence

Continuously raise the bar, push boundaries and do great work.

Embrace ownership

Accountability, commitment and determination.

No place for bullsh*t

Trust, understanding and complete transparency.

Fun to work with

Stay positive, be pleasant and always respect others.

Embrace the future of work

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