All-in-one hassle-free outsourcing solution

A one-stop-shop for all your outsourcing needs. We are the partner that takes care of your pile of non-core work.

  • Backlog management
  • Skill set sourcing
  • End-to-end project management


We are a strategic outsource partner and solution

We are a license-based outsourcing partner that helps companies outsource short-term projects to a community of skilled professionals.

Our team works with your business to analyse your backlog and turn it into actionable assignments, from where we then source the skills for that project and facilitate the delivery from start to finish.


Outsource non-core, but essential work

Backlog management

Deciding what to outsource and what to tackle in-house is a big job. We work with your team to analyse and understand their backlog of work.

Project briefing

We then turn your backlog into actionable assignments and we craft the briefs  – saving you time and setting you up for success.

Talent sourcing

We find you the best person for the job. You can decide if you want us to present you with 2 or 3 candidates or just make a selection on your behalf.


Our outsource platform is where your operations are centralised

Once we have turned your backlog into an assignment, this is
where solvers find all the information and resources they require
to get the job done, and where you rate your experience.


Set your budget and pay after delivery

Your budget
Solver pay-out

Decide on a budget for your project and pay only for what gets delivered. On successful submission, you rate the quality and experience.

The amount that gets paid is calculated based on your rating.

Good to know: The average rating is 4.8 Stars



Dedicated support and project management is part of the package

Our goal is to unburden you and your team to allow you to save time and focus on your core tasks in-house. Our project management team will be with you every step of the way.


Assignment facts & figures

3 to 4 weeks

Average delivery time

We enable you to get your requested work completed within the deadlines you set. 

30 to 50 Hours

Time saved for your team

Every assignment will save your team time that they can invest back into core work.

3 to 5 hours

Management time

Your team will have to put in some time to point us in the right direction.

€ 1,800

Avg. cost per assignment

The amount you’ll pay is dependent of the size of your assignment and the delivered quality. 



Every assignment has 7 steps

Assignment Intake

You transform your work to be done into an
assignment with one of our specialists.

Post assignment

After your assignment is finalised and approved, you request the publication and thousands of Solvers can apply directly.

Pick your solver(s)

Your assignment will receive multiple applications from Solvers. The right one(s) will be picked to work with.

Alignment meeting

This is the first remote meeting with your Solver(s) to set agreements, align expectations and clarify uncertainties.

Draft meeting

This is your second remote meeting while the Solver(s) are executing the work. You review the progress so far and give feedback if necessary.

Final meeting

This is the last remote meeting in which you review the completed work with the Solver(s) to give some last feedback.

Finishing and rating

You receive the finalised work and deliverable(s) of which you evaluate them and you finish it by rating the quality.


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