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Blackbear Outsourcing 2023 — A Year in Review

As the new year rolls in and we start focusing on resolutions, we thought we’d reflect on 2023. After all, to know where we’re headed, we need to better understand the strides taken to reach where we’re currently at.  So, join us as we scroll through last year’s highlights reel and explore some of the […]

Robynn Farrell

Feb 2, 2024 14:26

As the new year rolls in and we start focusing on resolutions, we thought we’d reflect on 2023. After all, to know where we’re headed, we need to better understand the strides taken to reach where we’re currently at. 

So, join us as we scroll through last year’s highlights reel and explore some of the many milestones of an exhilarating and demanding year. 

Blackbear Outsourcing 2023 Highlights Reel

2023 marked numerous memorable occasions. Amidst the challenges, blackbear stayed true to its roots, setting our vision, mission, and core values in stone, anchoring us firmly in our pursuit of outsourcing excellence. Here’s a snippet of blackbear’s 2023 highlights reel:

  • Celebrating our 5th birthday
  • Welcomed over 70 new customers
  • Expanded our community with the addition of more than 3,000 brilliant solvers
  • Successful completion of over 1000 assignments, forging stronger bonds with our valued clientele
  • Proudly secured spots on the prestigious Deloitte Fast50 and SaaS100 lists

Blackbear Outsourcing: Origin Story

Five years ago, the journey of blackbear began with the visionary minds of Joep and Stefan. Identifying a fundamental business challenge—too much work, not enough hands, and a deficit in the right skills—they set out to revolutionise the working world. From conception to inception, blackbear was born out of a desire to break down the barriers that hinder efficiency and collaboration.

Joep and Stefan envisioned a future where organisations would never have to worry about capacity constraints again. Their mission was clear: to create a platform where working professionals could freely share their skills and knowledge, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that transcends traditional work constraints.

Embarking on this ambitious venture, the duo faced challenges head-on, fueled by their determination to redefine outsourcing. Over the course of five transformative years, with a clear vision in mind, blackbear has evolved into an outsourcing powerhouse. From its humble beginnings, the company now boasts four offices and a team of nearly 40 exceptionally talented individuals.

Today, blackbear stands as a beacon of innovation, aiding over 250 leading businesses in overcoming the hurdles of workload and skill shortages. The team’s commitment to excellence has turned blackbear into a trusted outsourcing partner for organisations seeking efficient, reliable, and scalable solutions.

What sets blackbear apart is not just its growth but its ethos. The outsourcing services company has become a catalyst for change, ensuring that professionals can contribute their expertise freely, transcending geographical boundaries and traditional limitations.

As we reflect on the past five years, the blackbear journey is one of perseverance, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of breaking down barriers in the working world. With a dynamic team and an unwavering commitment to its founding principles, blackbear is poised for even greater strides in the years to come.

Ecosystem Spotlight

A cornerstone of our success lies in the expansion of our ecosystem, as we welcomed over 70 new partners into the blackbear family. From multinational corporations to nimble small and mid-sized enterprises, our partners spanned the spectrum, illustrating the broad appeal of blackbear’s innovative outsourcing solutions. 

Embracing diversity, our partner network cuts across industries—from logistics and healthcare to the public sector and non-governmental organisations. This eclectic mix not only enriches our ecosystem but underscores our adaptability and versatility in meeting the unique needs of each partner.

At the heart of blackbear’s thriving community are our Solvers—over 3,000 new talents joined our ranks in 2023, bringing the total Solver count to an impressive 12,000 strong. Hailing from every corner of the globe, our community represents a rich tapestry of skills and experiences. From young professionals to seasoned industry veterans, blackbear’s Solvers form a collective force capable of tackling challenges across all disciplines.

Together with our Solvers, we achieved remarkable milestones by completing over 500 assignments for our partners. From bite-sized tasks to expansive projects, the blackbear community showcased its prowess across a diverse array of fields. This collaborative spirit not only demonstrates the depth of our talent pool but also highlights the effectiveness of our platform in cultivating seamless collaboration between partners and Solvers.

To enhance this synergy further, blackbear underwent a significant platform overhaul in 2023. This transformation ensures a more intuitive, efficient, and responsive experience for our partners and Solvers alike. By embracing cutting-edge technology and refining our user interface, we’ve empowered our community to connect, collaborate, and create with even greater ease.

People & Culture Spotlight

In 2023, blackbear also solidified its identity by outlining a visionary roadmap encapsulating our unwavering commitment to progress. Our vision boldly declares our dedication to:

 “Unlocking human potential by transforming how work gets done.” 

This aspirational pursuit drives our every endeavor, propelling us to redefine the concept of collaboration.

At the core of our purpose lies our mission:

“We enable organisations and professionals to work together seamlessly in a collaborative ecosystem.”

We’ve woven a fabric of interconnectedness that empowers collective achievement and transcends traditional work boundaries.

Rooted in our values, blackbear thrives on nurturing collaboration, where diverse perspectives converge to create unparalleled solutions. We relentlessly strive for:

  • Excellence, pushing the boundaries of innovation. 
  • Embracing ownership, each member of our community contributes to the collective success story.
  • A ‘no BS’ mindset, encouraging an environment where transparent and open communication thrives. 

This commitment ensures authenticity, honesty, and a culture where ideas flow freely. As we navigate 2024, this blueprint for success will continue to guide blackbear, propelling us toward new heights of achievement and collaboration.

Industry Recognition and Awards

In a triumphant year for blackbear, 2023 showcased some prestigious accolades. 

At the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2023, blackbear soared to an impressive 6th place among the fastest-growing tech companies in the Netherlands. This recognition not only applauds our rapid expansion but also underscores our standing as a dynamic force in the tech landscape.

Additionally, we secured a coveted spot on the MT/Sprout SaaS100 list, a testament to our financial prowess within the software-as-a-service (SaaS) domain. We were honored to be recognised among the 100 most financially successful SaaS companies in the Netherlands, highlighting our commitment to excellence and innovation in the outsourcing sector.

As we reflect on the successes of 2023, these awards inspire us to continue pushing boundaries, setting new standards, and contributing to the vibrant domain of technology and outsourcing.

Future Outlook

As we look toward the future, blackbear is poised with a resolute vision to redefine outsourcing. Our unwavering commitment to enhancing our platform and services underpins our dedication to tailoring outsourcing solutions that closely align with our customers’ evolving needs. In the coming year, our relentless pursuit of progress will be fueled by our overarching vision: unlocking human potential by transforming how work gets done.

At the core of our ethos is a belief in the transformative and innovative potential inherent in a more flexible approach to work. Blackbear stands committed to aiding leading businesses in their journey of innovation and growth, ensuring they achieve their goals by efficiently getting the job done.

Our platform is designed to empower individuals to share their skills, contribute to inspiring projects, and be part of a global community dedicated to collective success.

In the upcoming year and beyond, blackbear outsourcing is not just geared to provide outsourcing services; we are architects of change, fostering an environment where human potential is unleashed on a global scale, and work is transformed into a dynamic, collaborative experience.

So, as we bid farewell to 2023, here’s to another year of pushing boundaries, exceeding expectations, and delivering outstanding outsourcing solutions for our clients. Cheers to a year filled with growth, collaboration, and unwavering dedication!

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