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blackbear Platform Update — What’s Changing for Our Customers?

You heard it right — our platform is getting a major update! We can't wait to roll out all the amazing changes and new features that our product team has worked on over the past months and that will surely make your work with blackbear a lot easier. 

Tom Weber

Jun 6, 2023 09:52


Here are a few of the major changes that have a bigger impact on your day-to-day activity and require your acknowledgement. We will announce all other changes following the release of the new version.

New Terminology

We have made important terminology changes. Here are the main updates:

  • The term ‘Challenge’ will now be referred to as ‘Assignment’
  • The term ‘Solution’ will now be referred to as ‘Deliverable’
  • The term ‘Motivation’ will now be referred to as ‘Proposal’

Important Changes for Customers

1) Keep a backlog of assignments & ideas

With the Assignment Backlog, you can easily save your assignment idea to your backlog and get back to it later. You can choose to share it with blackbear when you are ready. No more scattered to-do lists or Miro boards.

2) Creating an assignment has never been easier

We want to make it easy for you to get your needs out there as quickly and pain-free as possible. Inspired by the ‘Instant Intake’ concept, you can now create an assignment outline by answering a few quick questions and then submit it to our team. We will do the heavy work from there — we will shape it and schedule an intake to review it together.

3) Edit your assignment and set your own budget

Once our team is done with drafting your assignment, they will send it your way for a final review. At this stage, you can edit any information regarding the assignment yourself, including the budget. Once you are happy, you can go ahead and request us to post the assignment to our Solvers to kick-off the process.

4) Ensure Solvers are making the right progress with draft deliverables feature

This feature unlocks a Solver’s or team’s ability to submit a draft deliverable and get your feedback early on in the process to ensure that what they are working on is aligned with your expectations. We hope that this will help you achieve the desired outcome.

5) New rating criteria for clearer context

We introduced a new rating criteria for when you rate and when you get rated. This is in an effort to facilitate a fair rating system that provides clear context and considers the most relevant aspects when completing an assignment.

6) Blind rating system to facilitate fair rating

The blind rating system is a feature that we introduced to facilitate unbiased and fair rating in our process. The reviews only show up when both parties submit their feedback. This means that you will only be able to view your rating and feedback if you have rated back.

7) Blackbear approval on rating to enable fair rating

We take pride in ensuring a fair rating process that benefits both our Solvers and clients. To ensure a fair rating and payment and to support our clients provide constructive and relevant feedback, all ratings are reviewed by the blackbear team before being visible on your profile and before triggering the payment of the reward.

8) Roles & permissions for increased security

We have created a set of permissions and hierarchy in the roles, currently split between Company Admin, Assignment Owner and View only.

9) Manage your team in one place

You can now view and invite users from your company to join blackbear. Depending on your permissions, you can also edit and delete users or assign roles.

Wrapping Up 

We’re super excited to release all these features to our platform very soon and we’re confident that they will make for an even better blackbear user experience. If you’re interested in the main platform changes for blackbear Solvers, click HERE

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