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The most tedious part about outsourcing is finding the right person for the job. Where do you look? How do you know if they can do the job? Will you get value for your money? We can solve this problem for you!

  • 9,000+ solvers on demand
  • Project-based skillset sourcing
  • 4.9 / 5.0-star average satisfaction score
Blackbear takes care of talent sourcing on your behalf
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Our team does the talent
sourcing for you.

We work closely with a community of 9,000+ working professionals from various backgrounds and industries, from young professionals to industry veterans. We vet every profile to make sure we certify who we work with.

When we kick off an assignment we will reach out to suitable candidates in our community, or recruit new talent into our community — we find the best person for the job, every time!

how it works

Talent sourcing in two ways


Select from multiple options

↳ We source the skill set

↳ We present 2 or 3 candidates

↳ You pick the one you prefer



Approve our recommendation

↳ We source the skill set

↳ We recommend the best candidate

↳ You simply approve


Outsourcing your skillset sourcing

Save time

Filtering through hundreds of profiles is time-consuming and tedious. Why should your team do it if we have dedicated people for this?

Quality guaranteed

We have a 96% success rate with finding the right person for the job.
We do this all day, every day for companies just like yours.

Expert advice

We work with our solvers every day. We know them very well and your success is important to us. Our team will guide you closely, every step of the way.



Value for your money

Your budget
Solver pay-out

We have designed our payment model to help you get the most out of your budget. No payments are made upfront. Your license fee covers our talent sourcing service and the assignment fee only gets paid when you rate the final delivery.

Good to know: the average rating is 4.9 stars


We source from our community of working professionals & freelancers

Solvers can apply if their profile matches the assignment, or we set out to find the right person for the job, even if this means we have to recruit new talent into our community.

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