End-to-end project management outsourcing

Project management made hassle-free from A – Z. Our team will help you outsource and manage work of any scope from start to finish.

  • Included in all packages
  • Dedicated to your team
  • 96% success rate with projects
the team at blackbear planning a project outsourced by a customer


We manage the assignment on your behalf, from start to finish.

From creating the brief and sourcing the right skill set, to arranging
meetings and setting up milestones — our team will lead the way to
make sure that every project and assignment runs smoothly and yields
the best possible results.


Outsourcing project management

Save time

As soon as you start projects with external resources and stakeholders, someone has to dedicate time to making sure everything runs smoothly.

Run parallel projects

Get more done in the same amount of time. Run various projects in parallel without overlap, each managed by our experts.

Better focus & results

Your team stays focused on what they are good at – yielding much better results for the projects and work you do in-house.

a blackbear solver ready to work on a brand assignment

The Process

An extra pair of hands to help your team

Backlog analysis

Dedicated workshops with your team to analyse and understand their
backlog and needs — setting priority and timeline.

Project scoping

We take each task and scope it out to make sure we are 100% aligned
on requirements, outcomes and expectations.

Project briefing

We craft a perfect brief that covers everything and maximises
chances of success.

Talent sourcing

We source the most suitable skill set from our community of solvers, or if the project requires it, we will source new skills into our community.

Milestone planning

Together with the solver, we will set milestones for check-ins, drafts and final deliverables.

Admin & communication

We facilitate all admin and communication over the course of the
project. We only involve you when and if we need more information.

Rating, reposting & handover

Once the final deliverable is in, we close it off with a rating and hand
over a project that is ready for implementation.

Blackbear is supported by an all-in-one freelance management system

Our Platform

An all-in-one outsource
management platform

All your assignments, operations, documentation and reports stored on one, easy-to-use management platform.

Give it to Blackbear

What kind of work can you outsource with blackbear?

We cover a wide range of work across all industries. We have
a 96% intake success rate — meaning we have successfully
completed almost every assignment that we’ve taken on for
our customers.

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