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  • Your brand is an asset and demands investment.
  • Make sure you have a strong strategy leading your team and decisions
  • Make sure all your brand touchpoints are cohesive
  • Consumers are 3 times more likely to buy from known brands

The greatest companies invest in building great brands. Great brands are built on strong strategies. Give your brand the love it deserves and watch all your metrics move in the right direction by outsourcing marketing and branding work to blackbear.

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Your one-stop outsource marketing shop for all your branding needs.

Brand Strategy

Your brand needs a strong foundation. Make sure your strategy supports your vision. Outsource your brand strategy to an expert.

Corporate Identity Creation

Startup looking to make things official? Going through a rebrand? Your brand is the biggest investment you can make. Make sure you have the best people taking care of your brand by getting a world-class freelancer for all your outsource marketing needs from blackbear.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Launching a new product? Make sure you do it right by having a sound and solid go-to-market strategy. Our network of experts stands ready to show you the way.

International Expansion

Entering a new market is a big task and should not be taken lightly. Make sure you investigate it thoroughly. The best way to do it is to work with a native in the market and do in-depth research on the landscape, culture, and competition.

Brand Audit

Looking for a fresh perspective? Someone externally who can audit your brand, experience, and touchpoints? Outsource your periodic brand audit here.


6 Benefits of Outsourced Marketing and Branding

Branding Expertise

Outsourced marketing and branding can provide access to highly specialised branding experts, who can help to create a consistent and effective brand identity.

Strategic Planning

Marketing freelancers can bring a fresh perspective to a business’s branding efforts and can provide expert guidance in developing a strategic plan.

Market Knowledge

Marketing freelancers often have insider knowledge of specific markets and industries, which can help you to better target your narrative.


Outsiders often see the brand from a different angle and can help the internal team think in new directions and solve business problems.

Increased Efficiency

Outsourcing branding allows the business to focus on its core competencies while outsourcing non-core functions.

External Trends

Branding experts are often up-to-date with the latest trends in their field, which can help you to stay competitive and to leverage new opportunities.


What customers say about outsourcing content marketing to blackbear.

“Best market entry yet”

Entering the DACH market was part of our strategic expansion in 2022. We worked with blackbear to do market research and a product market fit analysis. Working with local solvers provided us with insights we would have never come accross from the UK. Best market to date – we will most certainly use them for our planned expansion to south-western Europe.


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