The benefit of crowdsourcing

Charlotte Butzelaar

Written by Charlotte Butzelaar Junior Marketeer

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In this sharing economy we depend on contributions by the ‘crowd’. Whether it is asking for feedback on your social media accounts or using a platform to solve your company’s challenges in daily operations. Involving large groups of people is becoming increasingly important these days. Crowdsourcing plays an important role in this economy. 

The definition of crowdsourcing

Don’t get yourself fooled between the terms crowdfunding versus crowdsourcing. Crowdfunding is a type of crowdsourcing where individuals pledge money toward an idea in the pre-production stage. Meaning, consumers are financially supporting an idea through a platform before it becomes available. 

Crowdsourcing is the collection of information, opinions, or work from a group of people, sourced via the Internet. In simple words, it allows companies to save time and money while tapping into people with different skills or thoughts from all over the world.

Benefits of an effective crowdsourcing project

We believe that any company and industry can benefit from crowdsourcing work. Because ‘two know more than one’. Imagine what you can achieve by questioning a crowd. At blackbear we assembled a ‘crowd’ with over 4.000 solvers who are ready to hand out solutions. But I hear you think ‘What are the benefits? and why not hire an extra employee to do the work?’. 

Well of course winning ideas should always be rewarded. But offering a reward is usually a lot cheaper than formally hiring the person. Secondly, you win at greater speed. Through harnessing a wider pool of people it can speed up the problem solving process. More importantly you can complete a large number of small tasks in real-time. 

Define the right assignment 

Even with all of these advantages, you need to decide if crowdsourcing is right for your project. As a decision maker ask your teams to name the problems they are facing inside their department.Get in touch with our business partner so he can help defining where specific challenges lay. Above all, gain different views and new ideas and still feel connected to the community.

Leverage a wide and diverse pool 

To sum up, by putting many minds together crowdsourcing lets companies leverage a wider and more diverse pool of creative talent. Whether this is with the aim of finding product range suggestions or breaking down complex projects into micro tasks. Crowdsourcing is a fast way to find ideas. Contact us for a free consultation with our business partner to gain more information. After that, we will look on how to use our pool of solvers for your companies benefit.

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