Ramón Scholl

Last year, when I saw Blackbear on social media, I was immediately interested. I had just finished a student consultancy project and wanted to develop myself more as a consultant. I studied the Master Global Business and Sustainability at Erasmus University and found it interesting to see that many projects had a sustainability component. This enables me to apply the knowledge I have gained straightaway. 

I am especially interested in the development of strategic plans and/or products in which sustainability is a central theme. With a broad background in international business administration and sustainability, many business-oriented projects therefore suit me well. I also find partnerships a very interesting and underexposed component, so I often try to create synergies with other companies or organisations. 

For me, blackbear stands for a young organisation that is very flexible and where I have the freedom to develop my own ideas. As I described before, it really appeals to me that sustainability is often part of the challenges, that allows me to use my background creatively. 

When talking to friends, I often tell them about their flexibility. It is ideal for students or recent graduates who want to earn some extra money and gain experience in their spare time. The challenges vary between very challenging in-depth market research and brainstorm research. This makes it very varied and interesting. It gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in industries or problems you previously knew little about. 

How do you tackle a challenge?

Challenges almost always have the same structure for me. I start with an inventory of the status quo. After that, it is important to turn the challenge into a clear goal for the company. Then I use a backcasting approach to identify possible paths to that goal. Then I use the description of the assignment to draw up criteria to select the final advice. Ultimately, this is converted into a presentation in which the steps towards the conclusion are clearly explained.