Possibilities of the new normal

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An overcrowded metro with at least five people breathing down your neck. A ‘normal’ situation one year ago, but unthinkable now.

2020 is the year in which the economy and society have adapted to ‘the new normal’. A 1.5-metre economy, where festivals are held online, we do our shopping with a mask on and everyone puts their creativity to work to make the best of it.

Transforming industries

The new normal’ creates all kinds of products and services that previously were not or less needed. Online shopping is ‘the way to go’ and that doesn’t only apply to clothing. Groceries, ‘do it yourself’ or DIY kits and even hairdressing kits can be found and ordered online. The question then remains whether the last is indeed smart.

We live in an online world where you can access important information with a single click and nothing goes fast enough. For companies, proper digital security that does not affect employee productivity has become a ‘must’. That the digital transformation has accelerated enormously is a fact, where falling behind can be ‘killing’.

In addition, physical presence in the office is no longer a matter of course and there will be much more work done from home. As a result, the connection and relationship between employees can be lost, which has a negative impact on the wellbeing of employees and the performance of organisations. Anticipating with a strategic HR policy is now more important than ever.

Effects of the pandemic

The pandemic has painfully revealed how vulnerable and unprepared businesses are in a sudden crisis like COVID-19. Some things have to change, that is obvious. However, the crisis does not just bring a wave of negativity. It allows companies to take a critical look at themselves and, for example, to ask the question: how agile are we? And, last but not least, how can we respond to the consequences of the pandemic?

Below is a selection of consequences and changes where there are new opportunities:

1. Hygiene and health

The popularity of products, services or apps that contribute to consumer health will increase dramatically as a result of the pandemic. The importance of taking good care of yourself has become more and more apparent. Say for yourself, who is not interested in their own health?

2. Digital transformation

It is a term heard everywhere, but we cannot ignore it. The digital transformation is a fact. It can give a better insight into a customer’s behaviour, facilitate cooperation between departments, offer the opportunity to create new products and services and can provide a new level of transparency within your organisation.

3. Quality improvement

This is mainly focused on the events sector and the hospitality industry. Large-scale events have been cancelled for the time being, which offers the possibility to focus on quality instead of quantity. Due to a limited number of visitors, more time and effort can be put into the experience.

4. Time slots on hospitality and activities

A number of ‘all you can eat’ restaurants already make use of this, but what if this was applied to various restaurants and other activities? Customers spend less time together in the same area than necessary and it also contributes to the company’s revenue model. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Unless you’re the one who spends hours behind your laptop in a cafe.

5. Authentic leadership

Companies and leaders with a clear ‘purpose’ and also express it, often have a large group of loyal consumers behind them. Authenticity is rewarded and makes you special compared to others.

Anticipating on new opportunities

There are new opportunities and possibilities that can be exploited. New revenue models, a reorganisation or a fresh start. Changes in the market can be good from time to time. The trick now is to turn these changes and challenges into new opportunities. That is where our Solvers come in.

The Solvers have everything you need to answer complex challenges, so that your company can cope with ‘the new normal’.

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Bron: Businessinsider