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At blackbear, we connect Solvers and their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to your business challenges. Within 14 days, you receive several solutions to your specific problem, all of which will be rewarded output driven. 

But who are the Solvers, how do they operate and how can you as an organisation get started?

The power of our Solvers profiles

We believe that everyone has their own skills, knowledge and talents. No matter where you come from, what your background is or your field of expertise. Make use of the skills you own into solving challenges, simple as that. We will match the Solver to challenges in which they can excel.

The pool of Solvers at blackbear consists of more than 3,700 clever minds who get to work on challenges that are relevant to your organisation. 

The characteristics of this pool are quite diverse. From Young Professionals to more experienced profiles. Our Solvers are active in every discipline, from IT & Engineering to Human Resources, Business Development and more. Because of the different backgrounds of the Solvers, the pool has all the skills to facilitate a company in the scope of the business.

With the different industries in which the Solvers can be found, each Solver is unique and has their own skills and knowledge. In this way, we (automatically) match the challenges to the profiles that best suit them in order to create maximum results.

Where do the Solvers come from?

Our Solvers are geographically distributed within 80 different nationalities and speak various languages. From Europe, the United States, China, all the way to the Nordics. 

When the Solvers register on the platform, they fill in a number of important details. Such as the industry in which they operate, the languages they speak and the skills they master. This enables us to highlight challenges and target specific profiles and skills. 

Within our pool of Solvers, we find the best match to your business challenges.

How do the Solvers operate?

After verifying and completing their account, the Solvers are given access to the various challenges. They are able to filter challenges by category and also receive personal notifications of challenges within their area of interest.

Before a Solver is allowed to start with the challenge, a motivation must be provided. In the motivation, the Solver explains why it is most suitable for the particular challenge. In addition, they provide a plan of approach to ensure that they actually match the challenge and timeline. After approval, the Solver can start with the challenge and has the minimum of 14 days to deliver the solution. This can range from research studies, reports and designing strategies, to programming software as well as campaigns.

Payment of the Solvers

At blackbear we don’t believe in traditionally billing by the hour. Instead, you pay for the quality of the solutions which you review yourself. This way you get multiple solutions while saving money you would otherwise have to spend on unnecessary hours. It’s very simple, the higher the rating, the more the Solver earns. The payment to the Solver is done fully automated from blackbear, you only have to provide the rating.

After completing the rating, the solution is yours and can immediately be put into action. Did the Solver leave a good impression? Then contact can be made with the Solver at no cost.

The power of 3,700+ Solvers

With a refreshing, enthusiastic and innovative view from the outside, the Solvers create solutions to urgent challenges, each in their own field of knowledge. The Solvers will definitely impress you with interesting solutions you would’ve never thought of. The external expertise is used purposefully, the time-to-market is maintained and expenses are kept under control by paying the Solvers on quality and output.

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