Lisa Kessels


In April 2020 I started as a Solver at blackbear and since then I have enjoyed working on every challenge. I graduated as a Business Innovator (University of Applied Sciences) and I can use the competences I gained during my studies in the challenges – for a wide range of clients – now.

What triggers me within these challenges is to find the question behind the question, what is the actual problem facing the client? Enjoying critical research and having a healthy dose of empathy and empathy is important here. My passion then lies in translating the actual wishes of the clients and their problems or questions into a solution in the form of a viable concept focused on innovation and creativity. A well-packaged solution with an implementation plan in which I create value for the clients, by really offering them something with which they can then make a difference in practice.

What energizes the work as a Solver through blackbear is gaining experience in different contexts. Every challenge is different and that makes me, as a starting innovation specialist, home in all markets. In addition, the flexible nature of the challenges gives me the freedom to do this work in addition to my current Master Innovation & Entrepreneurship.