Kickstart your business challenges

Most companies, with their teams and way of working, achieve success. However, many companies are under time pressure where operation goes first, the budget is insufficient or knowledge or skills are lacking to execute on their business challenges. Not acting on those challenges means that the business prevents itself from succeeding in their daily goals, achievements and so in their growth as a company.

Release the New Generation on your business challenges where you as an organisation grow and where you unburden yourself.

It’s time to become and stay a future-proof company.

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Your benefits at a glance

  • 2000+ Young Talents at any moment, anytime and anywhere
  • Quick delivery of multiple solutions to your business challenges
  • Low effort for your company with our efficient process and service support

Continuous solutions to challenges

Challenges within a company are constant. No matter how big or small they are, you want to act with solutions that strengthen and unburden you. The basis for success, growth and being future-proof is the continuous creation of solutions to your challenges. Unfortunately, time, budget, knowledge or skill pressure causes that the operation always comes first.

Our Young Talents provide you and your company remotely with fast and fresh solutions to the business challenges that you experience every day. They do this well and structurally so that you strengthen your organisation
to grow and to be future-proof.

To apply with or without the talents

The solutions that you and your organisation receive are about added value. We do not look at hours, we look at the value and what it adds. You rate each solution on the added value and it becomes the intellectual property of your organisation. In this way you can implement the solutions directly within your organisation in the way you want.

Good solutions mean good talents. We set you free in the contact and collaborations with the Young Talents behind the solutions. Maybe you want to zoom in with them, talk to them, run a project or even offer them a job. You can work with them in any way you want without extra fees.

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What do other companies say?


Trainee conversion optimalisation

Working with BLACKBEAR® was fast, professional and innovative. Our challenge concerning the improvement of our conversion of trainees gave new insight and confirmed aspects immediately. This new way of working offers transparent and valuable insight for an accessible price and execution.


Marketing Strategy

We have been working with BLACKBEAR® for a while now and we are very satisfied. The team is professional, efficient and focused on results. We had a challenge running through BLACKBEAR® with young talents who are reviewing our digital marketing strategy.

Royal BAM Group

Integration of nine brands in one single brand

We are constantly innovating and therefore growing the BAM organization. This naturally includes the influx of young talent and we want to use their capacities at an early stage. By letting them think along, we prepare BAM for the Z generation, receive solutions and identify talent.


Financial model & Market Entry Strategy

With BLACKBEAR® we have tackled two different challenges that focused on our new platform. Receiving multiple solutions creates a crowdsourcing effect. Every solution has given us very valuable ingredients that together form a strong whole and give direction.

Combinatie Jeugdzorg

Match young IT talents with limitations to job market

As a youth care organization, we facilitate young people with autism who excel within IT. We were looking for solutions to allow them to join the labor market in view of the current shortage and the need for IT Talent. The talents of BLACKBEAR® have provided excellent solutions that we will use.


100+ Brand Ambassadors

As an SME organization, we at BLACKBEAR® have presented a challenge to create ideas for the inflow of our brand ambassadors. Solutions have ensured that our expectation has been confirmed and has delivered new ideas that we can easily implement.

Empower your company to be future-proof

Our new way of working does not only empower companies, but fits in seamlessly with the
needs of the Next Generation which exists of our Young Talents. Thanks to the power of our
clients, the range of knowledge and young talents grows day by day.

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