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With BLACKBEAR® you take your business challenges on with fresh solutions and execution power of 3000+ young talents. You structurally receive business solutions to grow and innovate while your daily operations can continue. Our Young Talents work remotely on your challenges whenever and wherever.

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How does it work?

As a company you achieve success with your teams, employees, knowledge and skills. Challenges arise in your company within departments such as marketing, sales, HR, business development and more.

You want to tackle these challenges as good and as quickly as possible in order to continue to grow, become and remain future-proof as an organisation.

However, a company often experiences time, budget or skills and knowledge pressure. As a result of which the challenges do not receive priority, remain in place and you as a company do not make the growth and take the steps that are possible.

Our Challenges

4Simple steps

A challenge arises in your company that has to be tackled. You update us to create a business challenge out of it or you create it yourself.

We put the business challenge live in our platform where our talentpool is notified automatically. Young talents will work on the challenge and have 12 days to create a solution based on the requirements given.

The solutions come in and you rate the solutions based on fixed criteria. This rating determines what we pay the Young Talents. The more value the solutions offer, the more we pay.

The solutions are now yours and you can apply them immediately. It is up to you to contact the Young Talents to bind them to your organisation for implementation or other purposes. We have no success fees, so you have unlimited options.


Business Development
Human Resources

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Mark, 21 years.

Business Economics

I am convinced that nowadays it is more about your actual skills than about your diploma. BLACKBEAR® is a great platform where you can apply and present your skills while solving (and getting paid for) business challenges from the real world.


Trainee conversion optimalisation

Working with BLACKBEAR® was fast, professional and innovative. Our case concerning the improvement of our conversion of trainees gave new insight and confirmed aspects immediately. This new way of working offers transparent and valuable insight for an accessible price and execution.

Elvira, 22 years.

Innovation Studies

It is an amazing experience. BLACKBEAR® is an excellent platform to challenge yourself, including networking. The team is helpful and friendly; the atmosphere is beautiful and inspiring. I recommend it to people looking for a way to improve their professional portfolio and build skills.

Royal BAM Group

Integration of nine brands in one single brand

We are constantly innovating and therefore growing the BAM organization. This naturally includes the influx of young talent and we want to use their capacities at an early stage. By letting them think along, we prepare BAM for the Z generation, receive solutions and identify talent.

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It’s time to become future-proof

A lot of businesses, due to the fast-changing environment, modernised and became more digital while others didn’t. Therefore, they went out of business. We empower you with the enablement of the Next Generation to act and execute quickly and effective on your business challenges.

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