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The young talents of BLACKBEAR® create great solutions for corporate challenges. For this they receive an attractive reward and gain valuable experience for their upcoming career. Our young talents do not fill shelves: they fill their resumes!

Becoming a member of BLACKBEAR® is completely free and it will stay that way.

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Many companies embrace the power of young talent. Your fresh perspective can make the difference for a company that is open to creative solutions for a new case within their organization. Is your idea highly admired by the organization? Great for your CV and your wallet!

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Apply your expertise in the field of marketing, finance, innovation, sales, HR, IT and much more and work as a freelancer on assignments. The range is constantly growing: a diversity of business cases is constantly being updated. Do you dare to take on a challenge?




Build unique solutions

After you have chosen a challenge, you release your skills. Read in, immerse yourself in the company, choose your approach, find the obstructions and tackle them! Unleash your creativity and explore your own limits. You have one chance to score, so make sure your solution is clearly defined, accurately substantiated and offers real concrete steps for the organization.

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Work out your solution professionally and ensure a slick representation. Making money online is that simple for you as a student! Oh yes, don’t forget that your solution is a depiction of your talent and that even a talent scout can read along.




Get rated by companies

As soon as your solution lies with the client, the cards are shuffled there. The evaluation of your solution and that of max. four other young talents is done by the company itself. BLACKBEAR® cannot and will not exert any influence on their judgment. The evaluation of the company gives you honest feedback on your solution and your skills, so that you can grow as a young talent. And how good is it that you will be paid for the experience gained!

And earn money 

Based on the suggested solutions, the company values the results. In the overview below you can see how your bet is rewarded. The determining factor is the level (level of difficulty) of the business case in combination with the number of stars that the company assigns you. After submitting your solution, your heavily earned euros will be on your account within one working week.

This is how much you will earn

The companies rate your solutions with stars based on the general impression, troubleshooting, substantiation, ingenuity, applicability
and continuity of your solutions. Every rating easily shows how much money you will make when you get rated with an amount of stars.

€ 290
€ 275,50
€ 246,50
€ 203
€ 174
€ 116
€ 58
€ 43,50
€ 29
€ 14,50

Earnings are added to your account within 14 days after you upload your solution to a challenge.

What other young talents say

Khalid, 19 jaar.

Ondernemerschap & MKB

Een geweldig bedrijfsmodel, waarmee jonge talenten zich kunnen verbinden met bedrijven en ervaring kunnen opdoen door business cases uit het echte leven op te lossen. Het BLACKBEAR®-platform is uiterst efficiënt en gebruiksvriendelijk, waardoor je met een klik op de knop toegang hebt tot alle cases.

Vincent, 21 jaar.

Business Studies

BLACKBEAR® zorgt ervoor dat ik word uitgedaagd door het oplossen van een levensechte businesscase van een vooroplopend bedrijf. Het was niet alleen interessant om inzicht te krijgen in het bedrijf, maar ook om mijn eigen beperkingen en mogelijkheden te ontdekken.

Elvira, 22 jaar.

Innovation Studies

Het is een geweldige ervaring. BLACKBEAR® is een uitstekend platform om jezelf uit te dagen, inclusief te netwerken. Het team is behulpzaam en vriendelijk; de sfeer is mooi en inspirerend. Ik raad het mensen die op zoek zijn naar een manier aan om hun professionele portfolio te verbeteren en vaardigheden te bouwen. 

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Do you want to work flexibly and influence your pay check yourself? Do you have a healthy dose of ambition, are you not afraid of a challenge and would you rather start building your career and growth today than tomorrow? Does it suit you to work on assignments as a freelancer? Then we would like to give you every chance to perfect your skills. No guts, no glory!