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As a Young Talent you are bubbling with ideas, you want to develop yourself and show the market what you can do. Our more than 3.000 Young Talents release their skills every day to create solutions to real issues of organisations and make a good income.

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Discover challenges

Many organisations see Young Talent as the future. Your ideas, knowledge and skills will determine their success.

You will find challenges in many directions. From marketing, HR, sales and much more to strategic, tactical and operational.

On your dashboard

The amount of challenges is constantly growing. On your own dashboard you can quickly and easily find all challenges per field.

Quickly filter out the coolest challenges and find all the information within two clicks. Read in and discover what possibilities you see.




Create your solutions

Go crazy on the challenges you choose. Think out of the box, do research and start creating your solutions.

No bridge can be too far and it is purely about the quality you deliver. How do you ensure that you get a good deal with a great solution?

Make them perfect

Work your solution out professionally, ensure a slick design and make sure you are completely crazy about it. Oh yes, don’t forget that your solution reflects your skills. Maybe those organizations want you.




Send your solutions in

As soon as your solution is send to the organisation, the cards are being shuffled. The rating of your solution is done by the organisation itself.

Submit your solutions by uploading it yourself. We cannot and do not want to exert any influence on your solutions.

Earn a good amount

The level of the rating they give to your solution determines how much money you make. The more quality you deliver, the higher your rating.

Once the rating is given, we ensure that you are being paid and that the money is in your bank account as soon as possible. Simple right?

What you will make 

To make it as fair as possible, we use a fixed amount that you earn per rating. Below
you can easily see what you will earn. Sure, we challenge you to score as high as possible.

€ 290
€ 275,50
€ 246,50
€ 203
€ 174
€ 116
€ 58
€ 43,50
€ 29
€ 14,50

*We do our best to transfer your earnings to your bank account as soon as possible.

Mark, 22 years

“Today it is no longer what your diploma says, but what you really can do. BLACKBEAR® makes it possible that you can actually show this.”

Britt, 23 years

“Quick access to various business challenges, how cool is that? There are always challenges that fit my skills and where I can earn money flexibly.”

Khalid, 20 years

“A unique platform to tackle challenges within organisations and be rewarded for what you deliver. Works quickly, well and simply.”

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