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As a company you have to respond to the market while you continue to perform to fulfill needs that arise due to new developments. Challenges within a company often remain stale because the ability to quickly create solutions is blocked due to a lack of insight, knowledge, time, resources or budget. As an organisation or department you will become limited to perform, you will get behind and you will quickly become less relevant.

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Dare to think outside-in

Possibilities outside of the organisation

Outside of an organization lays a multitude of knowledge and skills to create solutions to the business challenges of organisations and departments.

Working flexibly thanks to digitalisation

Connecting supply and demand digitally on topics and challenges where necessary and avoiding unnecessary activities to act quickly.

Reducing costs by steering on outputa

By working on output and results you reduce the costs that traditionally arise from ‘hourly invoice’ and you work purely on added value.

Generations with new perspectives

The power of solutions often lies in other angles than you think. New generations look at new possibilities and do this without tunnel vision.

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The power of our thinking tank

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How it 

4 simple steps

#1 Get in touch with us

We discuss your organisation, the challenges you have and which options best suit your needs.

#2 We talk through your challenges

Our success team knows exactly how to ask the right questions, to shape the so-called business challenges quickly, effectively and concretely.

#3 Receive solutions within 14 days

We place your challenge(s) in the platform. You receive the solutions that we approve within 14 days and you evaluate them on fixed criteria.

#4 Use the solutions to implement them

The solutions are yours now, use them right away. In addition, you can contact the Young Talents behind the solutions free of charge.

Experiences of our clients

Digital Transformation
“From old-fashioned flyers to a digital way of providing information to our customers. We’ve created unique concepts thanks to solutions from BLACKBEAR®.”

Staying relevant in the market
“Achieving the maximum as possible through putting our business challenges ouside the organisation. In this way strengthen ouselves for now and the future.”

Different angles without a company-bias
“BLACKBEAR® makes it possible to let go of our own angles. This way we can work on new solutions without the famous tunnel vision.”

Some of the topics we excel in

1.5 meter economy

Digital Transformation

From client to ambassador

New businessmodels

Distinguish in the market

Sustainable Business

Innovation and growth strategy

Finding and keeping employees

(Market) Research

Curious to what 3.000+ bright minds can do for your organisation?