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Work Done Better and Faster

Put expertise to work at a high pace, to tackle the challenges that you aim for. All through our Marketplace.

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Busy all day, every day

Limited time
Limited resources
Limited execution

In the day-to-day operations, you need to tackle challenges quickly and thoroughly. Busy teams or missing expertise limit you to tackle challenges in the way you and your company strive for on daily basis.

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high quality, high velocity

Get specific targeted work
done, right away

Our Solvers create stunning deliverables to the challenges you post through our marketplace.

They work on-demand to provide you with solutions you can implement immediately.

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You decide what you pay to the Solvers

We don’t bill by the hour, because that just doesn’t make sense. Our rating system allows you to pay
purely for the quality of the work you receive. In this way you assure yourself to get value for
your money while the Solvers are not judged by their hours but by their quality.

Areas of expertise in our Marketplace

If you are looking for specific topics and fields, we can tell you we have them. Our Solvers have
a broad set of skill areas and they’ve taken on over 600 topics within 32 sectors and 8 fields.

  • Operations
  • IT & Engineering
  • Marketing & Design
  • Innovation & Sustainability
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Growth
  • Business Development


How it works

Easily explained

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Working with us

In 4 simple steps

1. Get your Company Plan

Contact us to get your needs clear and choose the plan that suits you best.

2. Walk through your onboarding

You get a personal business partner who onboards you and who lists the work that needs to be done for you.

3. Post your first challenge

Our specialists will prepare a perfectly constructed brief for the first work you want to get done and we launch it.

4. Receive your deliverables

We match the right Solvers who take on the challenge. You rate the quality and we take care of the administration.

Tap into expertise

For businesses
big and small

We have an easy onboarding program. Your personal business partner will onboard your company in no-time and well fitted to the needs of the company.

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