Employee happiness versus company performance

Charlotte Butzelaar

Written by Charlotte Butzelaar Junior Marketeer

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It can’t have escaped your notice that everyone is writing and talking about returning to office. Last week we’ve talked about the trends that occurred during the COVID-19 months. One of the most challenging trend for companies and employees was the adjustment to a hybrid working environment. But now over one year later according to EY 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey more than half of employees globally would quit their jobs if not provided post-pandemic flexibility. So how can you keep your employees happy while returning to the office? 

Managers can make or break people’s happiness at work

As the EY survey states, nine in ten respondents want flexibility in where and when they work, with millennials twice as likely to quit as baby boomers. It isn’t realistic to ignore the stats but to support this demand to work remotely you need room for a continue technology investment. Simply to enhance the employee experience and keep your employees by your side. However technology isn’t the only way to create work happiness. Managers can make or break people’s happiness at work. This means, as a manager, you are the one who must oversee autonomy, connection and well-being of your team.

Employer motivation

With autonomy you create freedom for employees which will give them a feeling that they are taken seriously in their role. By letting your employees enforce you in decision making it gives a recognition of professionalism and connection. On the other hand, don’t lose control and still be present you don’t want a rise of lack in structure. To do so you need requirements for work performance and it should be in record what goes well and what can be improved. When the right balance is found you will notice your employees being more motivated. 

Work happiness

Another source of work happiness is their general well-being. Sociability in the workplace counts for a big part of human’s happiness.This can be challenging to oversee when your employees are working from home. However it’s not impossible to achieve this. It is very important that managers talk to their employees. Work should be challenging. Because people want to be able to grow in their profession or develop personally. But when the work pressure is too low they experience their job as boring and when work pressure is too high it brings stress. This is where a good manager should intervene and stimulate it’s employees. For example, at blackbear we introduced a polly where we ask our employees weekly how they are feeling and measure their work pressure. 

Happiness counts for work performance 

If there is a great sense of job satisfaction, it leads to more happiness. Then there is a working atmosphere in which people dare to ask for help, are critical and can admit mistakes. This in turn leads to better performance. It’s crucial to start the conversation with your team to estimate their work happiness. If work pressure is too high due to overdue projects it can be an idea to think of third parties. Because a happy employee will get a lot more done which will benefit the company. At blackbear we connect solvers to your company’s challenge. As a result, we decrease work pressure which in return enhance employee work happiness. Start a free consultation with our business partner Maikel de Bruin to find where blackbear will be your companies solution.


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