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Markets change, customers change and above all: the opportunities for organisations change. Everyone is engaged in digital transformation and finds out that this entails an overload of challenge. So how to manage?


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Digital Transformation

The question for many people: how do you accelerate those kind of transformations? We notice: by solving challenges in no time where the focus is not on hours, but entirely on output. Our Solvers contribute to numerous digital transformations for our customers, which is allowing us to take you along in a number of learnings we created out of this.

What is ‘digital transformation’?

Digital technology offers companies many new opportunities. It changes how we work together, communicate and share knowledge. A digital transformation refers to the process in which traditional ways of working make way for a new (digital) way of working.

Faster, more efficient and digital business models are being created thanks to new digital possibilities.

However, the digital possibilities follow each other at a staggering speed: how do you keep your company afloat in a world that changes every day? Which technologies should you work with and which not? By responding to the right digital possibilities in time, you increase the success of your business.

However, this requires clear objectives.

Winning with digital transformation

A digital transformation has several benefits for an organisation, depending on the objectives:

  • You develop the ability to quickly switch, test, learn and adapt;
  • Responding to the future without delay, becomes accessible;
  • The arrival of digital (work) processes ensure that you achieve efficiency;
  • The organisation keeps up with the times and can act relevantly according to needs.

The challenges
of digital transformation

The change from offline market to online market requires different business models. Business-as-usual is therefore no longer ‘business-as-usual’. In essence, digital transformation is a radical change in the way an organisation uses technology to improve its business performance.

This requires new competences from the organisation, teams and their employees.

It is possible to evolve along with the digital transformation in six steps, but it will require a lot of time. Time that managers and director can’t free up easily in their calendars With our Solvers we accelerate the companies that want to walk ahead of the mass.

Digital transformation in every field

Digital transformation can take place in any area within a company. This means that managers or directors from different departments or business units will run into this. No problem, because at blackbear our Solvers work with digital transformation in every area, think of directions such as:

  • Business Development
  • Sales & Growth
  • Human Resources
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Innovation & Sustainability
  • Marketing & Design
  • IT & Engineering
  • Operations

Digital transformation and blackbear

receive solutions in no-time

How does blackbear help with digital transformation?

While tackling new challenges can take several weekdays for you, we create multiple deliverables to your specific challenges in no time. Use blackbear and let our Solvers create solutions to your challenges.

They deliver relevant solutions to digital transformation challenges already within 14 days.

an unlimited pool of bright minds

Solutions to challenges at an instance

Challenges within a company arise daily and often fail due to a lack of knowledge, time, resources or budget. Challenges often lie outside the day-to-day operations and common business, which causes that those challenges remain unsolved and so companies will not accelerate in the future.

We connect Solvers and their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to your business challenges.

How it works

Get your challenge solved rapidly

Receive multiple solutions to your specific challenges already after a period of 14 days, while paying only for the quality you evaluate yourself.

Upload your challenges

Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we are happy to help you and define your challenges together.

Receive multiple deliverables

Receive the deliverables of which we verify the quality in advance within 14 days.

Review and rate the solutions

Based on your evaluation you pay the Solvers what you think it is worth.

Use the solutions directly

The deliverables are yours, you can evenly contact the Solvers free of charge.


Easily review and rate the quality by yourself

At blackbear, we do not believe in “bill by the hour”. Instead, you pay for the quality the Solvers deliver on your challenges. It seems simple and it is, in the end it is all about what is delivered and what it adds value to your organisation.

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