Didi Koers

I started my adventure at blackbear a year ago, after I was invited on LinkedIn. I started my first challenge and immediately found out that this is totally my thing.

I like the fact that you can work on challenges on your own, and that I can u express my creativity in them. There are a lot of subjects, and not only do I bring in my knowledge, I also learn with every challenge. My interests are mainly in HR and innovation challenges. I enjoy working with people, and thinking out of the box to see how we can improve processes in a creative way.

The five words I find most suitable for blackbear are: independence, skills, self-development, entrepreneurial and creativity. You work independently on challenges, but you still have the feeling of being part of a team. With every challenge I learn a lot and develop my skills over and over again. I can put my creativity and my own ideas to good use.

How do you tackle a challenge?

I always start my challenges in a standard way. First I write down my initial ideas, then I do research on the subject. After that, I start brainstorming about my ideas and work them out. In the end, I spent time on the layout of the solution, because it’s very important to me.

I would recommend blackbear to anyone who wants to express their creativity and does not want a standard side job! With blackbear you work independently, but you are still part of a great team!