David Punniyamoorthy


Since I received an email from the Socrates Honor society, I am a Solver at blackbear. At first it seemed tensive to me to participate in the business challenges that were on blackbear, because I was still in high school in the 6th year. Fortunately, this was actually exciting, because I soon realised that blackbear gave me the freedom to solve the challenges in my own creative way.

This way I could organise my own time and start the challenge when I had my “peak” moments in the day. Furthermore, I was able to handle the challenges very flexibly and therefore submit them on time.

The great thing about blackbear is that all kinds of challenges are shown where you first have to submit a pitch. You have already briefly determine how to tackle a challenge and what exactly you are going to do to solve the challenge. Furthermore, I can actually implement what I have ever learned at school or during possible studies. As a result, I can use my knowledge for various challenges for companies.

For example, I started with a challenge for a real estate maintenance company, in which I had to come up with a possible solution to automatically adjust the maintenance times of
predict components. I was able to implement my knowledge of computer science knowledge to come up with a solution.

I also worked on challenges for a company within the coffee world about how to attract new employees and what my ideal 10-year plan would look like. This mainly required market research, which made the challenge daring.

Subsequently, the Corona pandemic gradually emerged in the Netherlands and Corona-related challenges ended up on the platform. In this way I helped with ‘the future-proof healthcare institution’. Here I was able to combine my upcoming Medicine studies with the corona pandemic and propose ‘creative’ solutions to realise a corona-free residential care center.

In addition, I participated in the challenge for a global engineering firm to analyse the impact of Covid-19. Again, I was able to implement my research skills to provide as much information as possible about the impact of Covid-19 and to provide a prognosis. I then participated in the challenge within the windmill business and after this the Dutch housing characteristics in the current housing market. In both cases I was able to use my research skills in my spare time for the challenges, with which I make a huge contribution to a company. In short: the blackbear platform ensures that talents develop and show themselves thanks to challenging challenges.