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Connecting society
Together with the municipality, we have set new goals for the future. The municipality has challenged us to contribute to innovation and change within our neighborhoods. We have seen that we can gain a lot if we find a better connection between people.

We believe that people should be in closer contact with each other. Then the government can let go of part of its social services and focus on other points. We want to increase solidarity, social involvement and above all, to ensure that people who struggle with their health no longer experience loneliness, or avoid loneliness that often causes physical problems.

So we as Viva! can contribute care groups to creating a more connected society, where listening is central and where delivery is less important. In doing so, we strive to create a connected society between cultures and generations, and this raises topics such as:

  • What kind of communities should be established?
  • How people should people implement this and what tools can be helpful?
  • How can everyone actively participate in our society and especially how can we prevent loneliness?