Company info
TUI Group is a company of opportunities for our customers, our shareholders and our employees. Together under one roof, we have our unique hotel portfolio, cruise lines, six European airlines and tour operators both online and through our travel agencies across Europe.

Digital Transformation

One of their challenges
We want to get rid of the physical brochures and flyers by using digital alternatives to inspire and inform our customers. We strive to adapt all our digital alternatives in a modular and personal way, so that we can tailor them specifically to the wishes and needs of our customers.

It is crucial to keep the current information stream to the customer intact. We replace the physical information channels such as brochures and flyers, but we must ensure that the customer continues to gain inspiration and information about his or her journey. In addition, we have many customers who expect such a brochure or flyer in the physical letterbox and now they must receive information proactively and digitally, without the digital transformation disappointing them in their experience. For example, a digital transformation involves many topics and questions such as:

  • For what can we gradually replace physical brochures?
  • What is the customer’s response and how can we deal with this properly?
  • How do we ensure that they receive information what they want, personalised?


  • Digital strategies and implementation plans focused on how to change physical materials into digital, how to inform customers, stakeholders and employees about the new tools and platforms to receive and read information, how the IT team should work and also, which marketing content development should be created to keep their audiences and new ones informed.
  • Customer success surveys, loyalty and reward programmes to keep their audiences interested in reading their content and new offers, discounts, places to visit, schedules and activities they can do while they are enjoying their holidays.
  • Personalised customer brand experiences, where they can adopt the new TUI way to get informed about offers, updates and valuable information. This also includes quick reading experiences, through accessible digital channels such as videos, vlogs and virtual reality content of the cities, hotels and places they are visiting.
  • The use of AI, algorithms and data development to create new digital apps for their different audiences and profiles to generate a smile on their customers faces when navigating into these apps and tools.

Anonymous Young Talent Review

“For me, the TUI challenge was really exciting. This company operates in a branch which
for me is very interesting. Although I have used a lot of my knowledge, desk research gave me
many new insights of many different topics, to come with new ideas to share with the company.”