One of their challenges

Petrol station of the future
We see that interests in the gas station industry is shifting. We want to continue to innovate and not lose our position in the market. That is why it is our ambition to stay ahead of the changes and we started with how we keep our petrol stations innovating. In order to ensure that Tamoil has its market share in 2030, is innovative and will continue to grow.

Everyone knows that electric cars will have the future. However, we see a problem here. If you have an electric car, you also have the option to charge it at home or in other places than stations currently available for refueling. For example, people are no longer in the need to visit a gas station for most of their mobility and energy consumption.

We believe there will be reasons to go to a gas station in the future. Tamoil petrol stations should still be attractive to visit in the future. That is why we see an enormous opportunity in what the petrol station of the future will look like with topics such as:

  • How can these service stations be representative of Tamoil?
  • What functions should she have?
  • What kind of experience does the visitor want to have?