Company Information
Plegt-Vos is a family business with a rich entrepreneurial tradition. The culture is open, the lines are short and the sense of responsibility is high. We have been adapting to the changing environment for more than 115 years. Our main motive: to contribute to our environment and shape the living, working and living pleasure of our customers and our employees.

Human Resources

One of their challenges
In different construction sectors in the Netherlands, much needs to change. Construction companies see it as a challenge that there are many things that need innovation, so data and other use of software is becoming more and more interesting and it is key that you have the right people for this.

In addition, there is a lot of change in the mechanisation of many things. The social aspect is also becoming increasingly important, for example to understand our residents about our homes or to renovate homes, in order to be able to develop a good product range. Which has a certain impact on the workforce of these construction companies. So innovation remains one of the most important factors.

Plegt-Vos is one of the companies that is at the forefront of innovation, that builds large projects and where giving shape to living, working and living pleasure is of paramount importance. The challenge that Plegt-Vos faces is therefore not the piece of innovation in itself, but rather the propagation of this innovation strength. To keep up with the times and be attractive to the younger generation, challenges such as:

  • How do you effectively get the attention of the younger generation?
  • Do we need other disciplines and talents?
  • How can you bind these disciplines and talents to you