One of their challenges

Increasing the number of traineeship applicants
With an annual turnover of 12.1 billion euros, FrieslandCampina is one of the six largest dairy companies in the world. We are an international company with a strong local character, people-oriented, approachable and open. We believe that we can get more out of milk and our goals if we are the employer of motivated and well-trained people.

Our traineeships are part of our people. The traineeships we offer consist of 5 disciplines: Finance, Commerce, Digital Technology & Analytics, Supply Chain & Operations and Technology. To fulfill them, we actively run campaigns with homemade and designed content. The new trainees start every six months and this campaign is revised with changes in content and campaign.

With the campaigns we run, we want to ensure that the number of applicants on the traineeships increases. We want to do this by deploying strong content that ensures that the attention of as many candidates as possible is attracted from the target group and activates them to apply. The topics that are closely related here are:

  • Which brand identity works and how is this reflected?
  • When is certain content interesting and how can it be more attractive?
  • What specific steps should we take?
  • On what points can the conversion be increased from seeing jobs to applying for jobs?