One of their challenges

Maintaining the market position thanks to our employees
In any business, employers struggle with employees on legitimate or illegitimate sick leave. These absenteeism rates are low in some companies, but extremely high in others. It is always difficult to judge whether or not someone can work. Companies must have a specific sickness and leave policy. However, it often causes struggles to find the right approach to tackle this sick leave and to reduce it as much as possible.

We are growing fast and have grown into a scale-up with high ambitions. The results are increasing, but so is the pressure. We like to do what it takes to remain the leading party in our industry. For this we strongly believe in the well-being of our employees. We ask more of them than ever. This is not a problem for most of our employees, but it does raise clear issues in the following areas:

  • How do we keep our people enthusiastic and fit?
  • Can we ensure that people do not report sick?
  • How do we ensure that we maintain the leading position in the market thanks to motivated, driven and performing employees?