The power of Crowdsourcing

How does LEGO, Airbnb, or McDonald’s use crowdsourcing? How powerful a crowdsourcing campaign is that people help to build one? 

We are living in a world where technology and innovation are making progressive changes in the way we are all doing our daily work. Companies like LEGO, Airbnb, or McDonald’s are in constant search of new ideas, practices and innovation to create great experiences with customers.  

And who is better than us to tell a company what we want to find in their products, right? We are sure that you already have a successful crowdsourcing campaign. Can you think about one? 

In this blog, you will understand the benefits of crowdsourcing and how these companies created great campaigns! But let’s start with the definition of crowdsourcing.

What is crowdsourcing? 

Crowdsourcing is a large group of people who share ideas to innovate.
Crowdsourcing is a large group of people who share ideas to innovate. Source: Unsplash

The Business News Daily defines crowdsourcing as a term used to describe the process or getting work or funding from a large group of people in an online setting. In simple words, crowdsourcing is when a large group of people shares skills, ideas, and participate to generate content or help facilitate the creation of content or new products.

Nowadays is interesting how companies use crowdsourcing for a problem-solving situation. If a company needs funding for a project, marketing content for an upcoming campaign or research for new products, guess who can help?

The crowd! They are a powerful resource capable of generating enormous amounts of money, content, and information.  

Which are the benefits of crowdsourcing?

One of the biggest benefits that crowdsourcing offers to companies or individuals is the power to engage with people who have the same practices as you or get help from anyone for anything you require. 

Because of this, believe it or not, you have a part of a crowdsourcing practice. Eg, when you ask a question on different online forums, the crowd answers you with different solutions, ideas or advice. That’s crowdsourcing!

Other benefits for companies are the reduction of costs, increase creativity and leverage outside ideas. 

Crowdsourcing campaigns

LEGO Ideas

LEGO IDEAS platform was made for users to become a fan designer. The brand considers that their users are amazingly imaginative and they can help create new projects.

The platform allows users to submit their outstanding ideas, which they have to build it with LEGO bricks or any tool that will showcase it. Then, users take a photo of their project including a description of it.

After submitting it, the LEGO team review and approve it so that the users can promote it on different channels to get the needed support to win. In this way, LEGO uses crowdsourcing practices to get new and fresh ideas from the crowd to create new products.


Airbnb “Places they call home” campaign

Airbnb has its whole business model based on crowdsourcing. In 2015, in collaboration with eYeka (the leading crowdsourcing platform for marketers), launched a video contest for Airbnb.

Through crowdsourcing, they asked filmmakers from all over the world to create fresh, authentic video content about the places they call home. The videos had a duration of 60 seconds and the winners a share of 20K For this specific campaign, Airbnb acquired unique, quality and authentic content, but they also save money and reduce costs. 

The results were 4 winners, 6 community’s favourites, 79 contributors, 81 media accepted, 26 countries and 7 languages. € 20K were divided between 4 winners, depending on the top of quality, originality and storytelling. 

The main winner was a Spanish filmmaker, who got the 1st rank in the three fields and won € 8K and Airbnb mentioned: “This is an amazing production that brings to life the special atmosphere of the neighbourhood. Made me because to go there immediately “. Enjoy the video! 


McDonald’s “My Burger” campaign

In 2011, McDonald’s decided to give their customers free rein and submit ideas for the types of citizens they’d like to see in a store. In Germany, fans were invited to create their own burgers using the “Burger Configurator”. An online tool allows users to compile their designs using more than 70 different ingredients. The ten most popular burgers made it to the next round. 

Pretzelnator was the first of five citizens to be created from the crowd-sourced “Mein Burger” campaign started by German agencies Razorfish, Berlin and Heye & Partner. 

The Pretzelnator
“The Pretzelnator” Source: This is not advertising

The inventors then get their creations to the jury to present. Facebook fans were able to watch the event live on video and root for their favourites, so 45,000 individual citizens were created in the first seven days. In total, more than 116,000 citizens were posted – one every 26 seconds!

Fans generated more than 12,000 personalized ad campaigns, and more than 1.5 million votes were cast. “My Burger” was the most successful campaign ever on the McDonald’s Germany portal with 7 million page visits. During the jury event, the McDonald’s Facebook was accessed more than 1 million times – all on a single day!

Isn’t it clever? This is the power of crowdsourcing!


In summary, crowdsourcing will help consumers to become more actively engaged in the work that companies do. If you are looking for a consumer business or vice versa connection, crowdsourcing might be your most helpful tool. Amazing right?

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