The five TED Talks that make you a better solver of challenges

BLACKBEAR® is always interested in exploring TED, as we can watch and get information about many topics. In this case, we decided to explore the ones that talk about how to be a better solver for any personal or professional problem that you are dealing with. We hope you like them! 

Every day we need to make decisions and sometimes we don’t know which one is better to take. For example, “What should I eat?” “fruit or chips?”. Sometimes, information and emotions invade our minds and result hard to make decisions.  

How can we improve the way we make decisions? With critical thinking! Samantha Agoos describes a 5-step process:
1- Formulate your question.
2 – Gather information. 
3- Apply the information. 
4- Consider the implications.
5- Explore other points of view.

These steps can be a tool that may help you with any number of personal and professional problems. 

Rory Sutherland talks about how advertising can make a product better than what the real product is. Using marketing techniques such as changing perception, rebranding a brand, and giving symbolic value to a product will add value to it. Have fun and laugh with his 16 minutes entertaining TedTalk. 

Can you draw the process of making a toast? WOW! It turns out that it is not that easy! Tom Wujec enjoys asking people and teams to draw how they make toast. Believe it or not, this process reveals how to solve our biggest or most complicated problems at work. Enjoy watching how people draw the process, try it yourself and find out the results. 

Carol Dweck explains that there are two kinds of people. The ones that love to take challenges or the ones that run away and fail challenges. 

Learn with her, how her growth mindset research makes people engage, process, learn and correct a challenge or problem. Become smarter and push yourself out of that comfort zone! 

Do you have a balance between your life and work? Is your life in your hands or it’s on the corporation’s hands? 

Nigel Marsh will ask you these and more questions to make you realize how much balance are you having between your life and work and will also make you laugh with a perfect work-life balance day. Enjoy his TedTalk and let us know how many of those perfects days you have in a week!

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