The final touch of your case solution

You are busy, your challenge solution is almost ready to be handed in! But what things do you perhaps overlook? Think of the design, but also the finances, the recommended follow-up steps and various handy (free) tools that save your work. In this blog we take you to the final touch of your solution. Do you read along?


Perhaps something obvious, but does the whole look well cared for? By making the design of your solution stand out, you really let yourself stand out among the other solutions. That may just be the difference between a 4 and a 5 in rating from the challenge organizer. That rating determines your financial reward, an extra motivation to do even more than your best.

But how do you stand out in a positive way? We recommend that you use a maximum of 3-4 colors in your design, which keeps the reading nice. In addition, images still say more than a thousand words, so explaining your solution on the basis of a visualization or step-by-step plan makes your solution a lot easier and faster to understand.

TIP! Are you not that handy with Adobe, but do you want to make it all look good? Take a look at the free version of Qwilr that you can export as a PDF or use Canva.


Have you thought about adding a mood board to your solution? This often provides extra tools for the client to visualize your solution. Do you have a technical solution? Then a mood board does not offer much added value, but a flow chart or strip planning on the other hand does.

Management summary

Your solution will probably be longer than an A4, is it shorter? Then you probably miss something. Start your solution with the introduction of the challenger problem and a short summary of your solution. This makes it easier for the challenge poster to pitch your idea to other stakeholders within the company. This increases the chance of a high rating. The management summary usually consists of a few bullet points with the most important insights.

Which points do you include in your management summary? Consider the problem definition, your solution, the advantages of your solution, the disadvantages of your solution, the necessary follow-up steps. planning and finally a summary of your budget.


Have you included the total cost of your solution? So both the implementation and maintenance costs? This makes your solution more concrete and easier to implement. Often the maintenance costs are forgotten when budgeting. Something that causes unwanted surprises. Make sure that you also include this in the whole. Categorize the costs so that the case publisher can easily go through the costs.

TIP! Attach an excel sheet with your budgeting to your solution in the platform as an attachment.


Don’t forget to take the planning with you? The rollout is key for the success of your solution. How do you create support for implementation? How long does the implementation take? How much and which resources do you need? And when did your solution succeed? You also add this to your solution to increase your company’s rating.

Are you still unable to figure it out or would you like some feedback? Send our community manager Madelien a message via chat, Facebook or just an old-fashioned e-mail. Success in submitting your challenge and until the next!

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