How to thrive Gen Z talent expectations

Is the generation gap in the workplace important? Is the recruitment process a positive experience? CEOs career advises to share? Does diversity make a company more productive? How to thrive talent expectations? 

According to the recent research from the hiring agency Randstad Sourceright, 67% of professionals think expectations are rising among employers, while 46% of the talents are worry they don’t have future needed skills.

Recruitment processes are changing and evolving. Looking for the right talent represents a full-time job task and it requires effort, dedication, and time. The digitalization of business, innovation, flexible working hours, growing competition, and the generational gap in the workplace makes hard to find the right talent. 

In this blog, you will find solutions to thrive talent expectations. Through different guidance, we will show you what talents are looking for the ideal job and how employers like Jamie Dimon, Chairman & CEO for JP Morgan, lead to success. 

Expectations between talents and employers

Digitalization and innovation are creating enormous challenges for employers and workers.

Everyday work, the generational gap, and the way to interact and communicate in the workplace have changed. So how companies should thrive talent expectations? By reinventing themselves as the old way of work and systems are no longer delivering the required success.

Employers are on the need for higher expectations. This means that talents must deliver quick and high skills to develop the work. Do you feel identified?

Talent brainstorming
Talent brainstorming. Source: Unsplash

How to deliver competitive advantages? 

Companies need to take care of their talents. This means that they need to engage talent expectations by offering a work-life balance, job security and training and career opportunities. Talents are more interested in all these than an attractive salary and benefits. 

According to the research from Randstad Sourceright,  these are the top 5 factors that a talent cares the most when considering an ideal employer: 

          • Attractive salary and benefits
          • The company is financially healthy
          • Provides work security 
          • Supports a good work-life balance 
          • Offers career progression opportunity  

The report also shows that 44% of the talents have trouble keeping up with technological changes, while 46% are worry they don’t have the skills needed for the future. Are these factors important for your company and do you offer them? 

Career advice

People who are proactively looking for a job, do it through five main channels: the company’s website, Linkedin, job boards, talking with current employees and Facebook. In which channels are you advertising your job vacancies? Are you taking the most of them? 

LinkedIn offers a career advice course, where they interview the world’s most influential thinkers, leaders, and innovators. CEO’s such as Jamie Dimon, Bill Gates, Indra Nooyi and Meg Whitman reveal what it takes to get your foot in the door and the work that requires to lead a company. 

Watch and listen to Jamie Dimon, Chairman & CEO of JP Morgan. He explains how to be successful and that you need to work hard and spend your life learning. But also, that is important to treat people the way they want to be treated. The job can help to provide opportunities but talents need to take care of themselves to be productive workers and be at peace.

Discover more about his interview and how management is the real key to leadership. Does your company follow the same thoughts? Would you be happy to share your career advice?

Click here to watch the LinkedIn interview with Jamie Dimon on how to be successful.

Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan CEO
“Treat people the way they want to be treated” says JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. Source: JPMorgan Chase Photo

Recruitment Process: A positive experience

Despite all the innovative tools to find the right talent, the human touch is still an important factor to transmit a positive experience. Selecting the right candidate can be much easier through a personal face to face interview. It helps to create a positive experience, trust, and loyalty from the talents. 

The top 5 factors that a talent consider for a positive experience are:

          • Transparency about the work
          • Feedback on why they were or were not selected 
          • A quick process 
          • Communication about the progress 
          • The ability to address questions

Source: Randstad Sourceright

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Does diversity make a company more productive? According to the Harvard Business Review, different researches have shown that various teams and leaders are more creative and they develop innovation. 

For companies, investments in gender and diversity are good and lead to positive results and benefits. According to the 2019 DiversityInc Top 50 companies for Diversity, AT&T leads with the # 1 position. 

Randall Stephenson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Randall L. Stephenson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Source: AT&T Inc.

Randall Stephenson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said: “A diverse workforce and inclusive culture are essential to AT & T’s mission of inspiring human progress through the power of communication and entertainment. All of us at AT&T are deeply honoured by this recognition from DiversityInc.

AT&T believe initiatives is using a multi-pronged, grassroots approach to address issues such as gun violence, unemployment, and homelessness in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and other US cities.

They also work on close racial and gender gaps in technology and entertainment. By supporting programs for underrepresented populations, they provide the skills and experience needed to succeed in these careers.

In 2018, the company spent $ 15.1 billion with various suppliers, nearly 27% of its total corporate purchasing. Those businesses, in turn, paid it forward.

Other global companies that lead the list are Accenture, Mastercard, KPMG, The Walt Disney Company, among others. You can read more about diversity and inclusion on our blog “Diversity in the workplace” or read more about AT&T and the top 50 companies here. 


Recruitment processes are changing every day. Finding the right talent is challenging, but when finding the right one, a company should fulfil the expectations and support them. In return, they will be loyal and engage with the company.

By building a work-life balance, flexible hours, continuous learning and development courses, establish diversity in the workplace and clear communication. With this, the company will understand the thrives of talents to win and grow. 

Human capital opportunities

How to win and grow through young talents? Learn how we can help you to work with young talent. Find the right talent who can give you fresh and innovative ideas, strategies and solutions to real business challenges. 

I hope you enjoyed reading our blog! Share your comments below or feel free to contact me for any inquire. – Joep 



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