How to build a brand identity?

How did Juventus, Uber and Reebok rebrand their entire identity?
What is a brand identity? Why is it important to have a brand identity? How to create a strong one?

A brand identity is the core component of your business. It’s like the D.N.A. that gives life, personality and identity to your business and will make it successful and powerful with your audiences. 

In this blog, I will share with you the 4 steps to build a brand identity, to engage with the new rising generation. Read how Juventus, Uber and Reebok rebranded their brand identities.

As I have mentioned before in other blogs, companies are on the need for change. Big companies have strong brand identities that have been rebranded with the pass of the years. Having a brand identity is what will make your business powerful and successful. So let’s start with the definition of a brand identity. 

What is a brand identity?

A brand identity is the look and feel, that your brand shows to the world. It’s formed by visual elements and an exclusive and consistent message, that will be communicated and shared with the world. As mentioned above, a brand identity is like the D.N.A of your business. It should express all your company’s core values and mission.

I would like to ask you, how do you dress and express yourself? Maybe you always dress in black and white or light colours. Perhaps, you have tattoos or you like to wear accessories. Whatever you decide to wear, and the accessories you include in your outfit, are elements that create a unique style and a personal identity. This unique style will distinguish yourself, from others. A brand identity works exactly the same way.

Looks aren’t everything. The way people speak also identifies them as unique. For example, do you recognize which brand I’m talking about only by saying “Just do it”? Yes, Nike! Then you already know the power, not only about the visual elements but also about the consistent message that creates a strong and powerful brand identity.


Why is it important to have
a brand identity?

A brand identity creates a specific image in your customers’ minds. In this fast-changing world, how your company is perceived is everything, and how you build the perception you want in your customers will create a powerful brand identity and awareness.

As mentioned before, Nike has a very strong and powerful brand identity. You probably immediately recognized it, right? This is what we are looking for, especially with new audiences, such as Gen Z. We are seeing that this new rising generation, share the same core values and feels identified with your business and motivated to work for a brand like yours.

For marketing and PR actions, your brand identity is also very important. It will give the power to create valuable content that you produce, the type of design and fonts you use and even the type of events you run and attend.

How to rebrand or create
a brand identity?

When startups are being created and bigger companies, or businesses, who have been in the market for many years, are refreshing their processes and targets or rebranding all their identity, I recommend you to follow these steps:

1- Define your target and audience

To understand your audience and to connect with them, I will share some questions that answer who the business is.

  • What is your brand’s personality?
  • What is your brand’s voice? 
  • What value do you bring to your would-be customers?
  • Who are your desired customers? 
  • What kind of language does your target audience use?
  • Which other brands do your customers like?
  • How do your customers currently perceive your brand?

If you are a company that is rebranding, think about the strengths and weaknesses, create surveys with your teams and customers or focus groups, where they can share their opinion. After all, who knows better than your loyal customers and employees to come with amazing ideas. 

2- Brand identity

As mentioned before, a brand identity is the core component of your business. It will represent the way on how the world is going to know and recognize you. Also, your brand personality is an important aspect that helps to cultivate perception. With all the above answers you can now start building your brand identity.

3- Get creative 

Start selecting the colours, fonts and designs that will give that personality to your brand. It’s time to create your logo and your tagline or slogan!
Once you come with all these elements, your brand identity officially has a personality, a voice, and a face, to tell your brand story. It’s very important that your brand identity is always consistent and share the same tone and message across all forms of marketing and PR communication.

4- Brand strategy and guidelines

All your employees should know what the business brand identity is. It’s time to create guidelines so that all your employees understand and represent it. This will help them to share the same tone and message, as well as an emotional connection with your customers or clients.

Now, it’s time to create your content strategy. This has to be planned regarding the content your company creates, as well as the acceptable brand voice or language that is to be used across blogs, marketing materials, social media posts and advertising campaigns.

All your brand identity should create a unique experience with your customers or audiences. This will generate awareness with them, and eventually a recognised position in the market.

 Rebranded Case Studies


One of the world’s best-known football clubs, Juventus, was looking for new sources of growth. In 2017, the new Juventus identity took the industry by storm by transforming football into a means for outlining an attitude and serving as a platform for innovation and experiences. This appealed to football fans, as well as to entertainment enthusiasts who are further away from football as a sport.

Juventus’s transformation went through various touchpoints: including the Allianz Stadium where fans can live the experience, a touchpoint like the UNDICI cafè, the fashion and lifestyle apparel collections and products for fans.

Juventus logos. Source: Juventus Facebook


In this case, Juventus not only decided to change its logo but their entire brand identity and experience. What do you think about it? Do you like more the old or the new logo? I think the new experience they created fits better with innovation and it’s more modern and fresh.


Uber is the perfect example of a company that needed to rework in the entire brand identity. As we mentioned before in our blog “How to integrate Gen Z into the workplace“, Uber has faced many challenges. Since the failed 2016 rebrand and the 2017 struggles, a much needed and somewhat expected rebrand from Uber finally happened in 2018.

For the past years, Uber is trying to rebuild all the trust they can. Therefore, they came in 2018 with a new design that communicates trust: a safe bet and a good move. Only time will tell to see if they’ll be able to rebuild the Uber brand. For the moment, was a clever choice to rebrand their core values, mission, logo and all their brand identity. What do you think about it?

Uber New Logo. Source: Under Consideration


Uber advertising. Source: Under Consideration



Maybe you haven’t noticed it yet, but last November, via a press release, Reebok announced that at the beginning of 2020, the brand unifies under one brand logo and wordmark, leveraging its most recognizable and distinguished assets: the Vector logo and “drop-R” wordmark.

This evolution shines a spotlight on Reebok’s proud heritage, connecting its rich legacy to its exciting future. The Vector logo was first introduced in 1992 and has been used in various forms since, most recently on Reebok heritage and lifestyle products. The new Vector logo is an updated, subtle modern evolution of the original. You can read the press release here.

Reebok logos. Source: Reebok and Under Consideration


I hope you found this blog interesting. If your company is facing a brand identity challenge or is looking to rebrand itself, contact us. We can start a challenge together, where the new generation can give you new and fresh ideas.

Source: TAILOR BRANDS, Interbrand, Juventus Facebook, Under Consideration and Reebok.


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