As a manager, free up time in the agenda

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As a manager or director, you regularly ask yourself: “Why are there only 24 hours in a day and only 7 days a week? Because of new challenges, the work accumulates and progress within the company is put on hold. This enables the regular work to continue. Time for action, but how? 

There is a constant stream of changing customer questions, market developments and trends; as an organisation, you need to react adequately to these developments. That is quite a challenge, because the market never stands still. New issues arise on a daily basis. As a result, tasks accumulate in teams and development is quickly delayed. However, as a company, you can’t stop moving forward. Lack of time is not the only problem. The challenges companies face on a daily basis are very diverse, especially in these particular times. For example, the new 1.5-metre economy, sustainability and digital transformation. Companies take advantage of the opportunities offered by increasing digitalisation in such a digital transformation. As a result of this transformation, customers are more likely to be at the centre of the customer journey. 

Lack of knowledge at the workplace

Such transformation in the market is often so new that information and knowledge are lacking at the workplace. For many managers, such issues fall outside the boundaries of “business-as-usual”. In order to speed up these challenges, companies turn to external agencies. However, managers may not see this as the solution. A longer process would be cumbersome or often too early in the process. They are also unwilling to deposit large amounts of money for one consultant. The result: issues remain unresolved and the time-to-market is much longer than desired and necessary. 

Solving challenges after all

Due to time pressure, it is important for companies not to neglect these challenges. This causes the company to lag behind with the rest. The knowledge and expertise of third parties comes into play here, because it is not possible to increase your permanent team for every challenge with an extra employee. These third parties can be a variety of specialists. Think of young professionals or experienced professionals with a mountain of experience. Within no time they come up with solutions. 

But how do you easily get in touch with the right people, how do you organise the challenges properly and how do you realise quality as an output? This is where blackbear comes into play. 

Get started with Solvers

At blackbear we have a pool full of bright minds ready to provide solutions to such challenges. These Solvers are trained to create solutions to the challenges you face: each in their own field of knowledge. As a manager, for example, are you busy inventorising payroll houses by using market data? A job like this can often take up to 80 hours. In addition to the fact that your daily routine is shifted, this situation forces the company to invest €3,300 salary (average director’s salary of €80k per year) in this. By working with our Solvers, this challenge can be solved within fourteen days for €2,415 (based on three Solvers with a five-star rating and the Starters Monthly Package). This not only saves you at least 70 hours of the director’s time, but also 73% of labour costs. 

Return of Investments for managers

By opting for this, you tackle all the problems you encounter when faced with new challenges: you do not lose sight of the time to market, external expertise is used in a targeted manner and the expenditure is in your own hands by assessing the quality. Don’t forget the extra time in your agenda: you quickly save yourself several weeks of work! This increase in working hours allows you to focus on other high value and high impact challenges.

Do you recognise yourself with the challenges mentioned above and would you like to know how blackbear can help you? Ask for your demo right now!