During their studies in Management and Entrepreneurship, both Stefan and Joep, two sworn friends, discovered that it turned out to be incredibly difficult to put yourself in the spotlight as a young talent at companies. And they were not alone; other fellow students also found it difficult to connect with the business world. Where lies the problem?

Who we are.

After doing various studies, they discovered that companies also have a hard time finding, retaining and captivating young talents. In addition, the companies do not use the power of the young talents (optimally) and find it difficult to meet the needs of the new generation.

All the knowledge they had gained during their research resulted in a concept that eventually formed the basis of BLACKBEAR®. An innovative plan to close the gap between young talent and companies.

Ultimately it is all about what comes below the line: fresh ideas and solutions for the companies and a good reward for our talents. Save time and money through our unique platform. Efficient bundling of power and knowledge. And we understand that by the new way of working!

The BLACKBEAR® network is growing daily. The number of BEARS, for example, is increasing considerably and more and more clients are deploying young talent to tackle their challenges and to bind them to their organization.

Welcome to #TheNewWayofWork!

What we believe.


BLACKBEAR® will close the gap between the working field and young talent. For young talents it’s the place to develop and enrich themselves while making an income and for companies a way to receive valuable insights, get things done and to source new team members. It’s the online platform to solve innovative business challenges, a place where only quality and skills matters.


BLACKBEAR® believes in the future of young talent. A platform where young talents get rewarded based on their true skills, not on their origin, gender or age. Solving business challenges from a place that makes them happy, in quiet nature or busy city. Earning money whenever they want.

Joep en Stefan, Oprichters
Marketing Team