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blackbear delivers multiple usable solutions on your business challenge,  all this within 14 days. We do this company-wide for low fixed prices, with a result driven model which is very competitive compared to the high hourly rates from consultancy agencies. We relieve employees from tasks which allows them to focus entirely on their primary activities. Maintaining the organisation at the forefront of the market, simple as that.

Meet the team

Multiple bright minds are better than one, right?

  • Co- Founder

    Joep Wittebrood

  • Co- Founder

    Stefan Hoogenboom

  • Sales Development

    Ruben van Neerbos

  • Marketing Development

    Floortje Chevalier

  • Product Lead

    Jan-Paul Kreukniet

  • Happiness Lead


  • Sales Development Representative

    Nick van den Haselkamp

  • Fullstack Developer

    Tom Roelofs

  • Business Partner

    Khallil Tahri

  • Business Support

    Emma Clemens

  • Business Partner

    Maikel de Bruin

  • Customer Success Specialist

    Eva Boumeester

  • Anoniem


    Mylène Luijters

  • Community Development

    Renee Korn

  • Anoniem

    Community Activation

    Barry Smitz

Our unique “true skills” mindset

Having a diploma doesn’t mean you have more skill. It’s all about the skills you show, how you use them and the results you deliver. The environment, subjects and applications must not stand in the way of this.

Each and every talent, at any time at a fair price.

An honest approach

It’s clear that connecting our Solvers to organisations to create solutions for all kinds of challenges works. That’s why we focus on output only. We have a fair model, that’s not based on an hourly fee and only rewards performance.


Want to join our pack?

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join the blackbear crew.

We’ve build a digital platform connecting skills and companies

We created the place where bright minds and organisations grow with and through each other. Our solvers use the opportunity to build and use their skills, get strong experience and earn good money along the way while companies accelerate incredibly.