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Our marketplace let people work on assignments at companies without being their employees.

Our Value

Businesses need skills to accomplish their work to be done. Due to occupied resources, a lack of time or missing skills, companies miss out their needed resources.

While consultants are too expensive and employees can’t be freed up from the operations, we fill this gap with our marketplace.

A Marketplace

As blackbear we guarantee companies of validated skills and empower people to generate an income with their skills.

We enable people to work whenever and wherever they want while they working on amazing assignments at companies worldwide.

Unique Dynamics

We work as a lay-over for our clients. Without a lot of efforts, we supply them on-demand with specific work and knowledge whenever and wherever they need it.

As of today, over 4.000 Solvers worldwide deliver work to our clients assignments, all remote.

Broad Application 

The application of blackbear extends across multiple teams and department at clients. Our Solvers work in a broad field of areas which enables them to supply the needs in 96% of the requests.

Meet Our team

Our amazing team makes this magic happen day-to-day.

  • Community Development

    Barry Smitz

  • Sales Development Lead

    Ruben van Neerbos

  • Challenge Specialist

    Eva Boumeester

  • Co- Founder

    Joep Wittebrood

  • Head of Product

    Jan-Paul Kreukniet

  • Co- Founder

    Stefan Hoogenboom

  • Account Executive

    Khallil Tahri

  • Customer Success Manager

    Maikel de Bruin

  • Customer Success Manager

    Benthe de Jong

  • Mounir de Vries

    Account Executive

    Mounir de Vries

  • Charlotte Butzelaar

    Marketing Lead

    Charlotte Butzelaar

  • Fullstack Developer

    Tom Roelofs

  • Fullstack Developer

    Lucas de Jong


    Dave van Vliet

  • Challenge Specialist

    Mathilde Beaufort


    Jochem de Jong


    Duncan Vervat

  • Fullstack Developer

    Lars Wolters


    Daniël van Veen


    Rob Bosman

  • Digital Marketing

    Daan Rustenhoven

  • UI/UX

    Kim te Kolste

  • UI/UX

    Mees Luxwolda

  • Finance

    Tom Rutten

  • Head of Sales

    Sebastiaan Ratha

Want to join our Team?

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join the blackbear team.

We’ve built a marketplace to connect skills and work

At blackbear, bright minds and organisations grow with and through each other.